Overview of Snaptu

Snaptu is a popular mobile essential used to access a variety of locations from one place. This means that instead of downloading certain apps individually such as FaceBook, Sports, Sudoku, Twitter etc, it is possible to use this single, space efficient app to gain access to these and other sites on your Symbian device without taxing your battery and phone memory. Best of all, this app is free. Basically the functionality is based on its ability to convert traditional access to websites into super fast mobile apps and using its widgets, the user will gain access to his or her favorite sites immediately without the need to key in username and password on every visit.


Located in Tel Aviv and funded by Sequoia Capital and Carmel Ventures, this company was originally called Moblica and changed its name to Snaptu once its app took off with a bang. With offices in Europe as well, the company focus seems to be on the continued evolution of this one product. Headed by Ran Makavy, who has more than 15 years of international experience in product development, strategy and marketing in the telecommunication and technology sectors, this Chief Executive Officer is a graduate of Mamram and has a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA to boot.


Basically this widget platform allows for access to a variety of sites without having to download individual applications. With third party developers clamoring to create more widgets for this app, downloading this free app will open a world of easy to access widgets for the most popular sites of the day. Easy to navigate, this download has great functionality and features that make it an attractive app to store on your Symbian touchscreen phones. The user interface is easily adjustable and font sizes can be adjusted too for greater readability.

For first time users, the home page will start by the provision of default settings that can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements. These requirements will be based on the common sites that you prefer to visit and you can select the widget icons by using the main menu to remove, organize and add these apps. If you do not find the app you are looking for listed on the main page, there is a More Apps icon that will allow you to choose from a wider directory of sites as well.

A quick look at the main features of Snaptu

  • The featured applications on Snaptu include:
    -Facebook for social networking
    -Twitter for social chatting
    -Football; this includes access to sites that keep track for updated football scores
    -Picasa – a Google driven site for photo albums and sharing
    -News & Blogs via RSS feeds
    -Cricinfo for cricket fans
  • Easy to install and use
  • Constantly upgrading to add more features for access to the different sites it is connected to
  • Remembers usernames and passwords for easier logging onto the selected sites
  • It’s free!

Pros of Snaptu

Snaptu has been receiving rave reviews since it was launched and users generally have positive feedback about this product. The primary motivations to download this product include the fact that it is free and is a time saving device for users interested in jumping between sites on their mobile device, without having to log on and off every time this is done. There is also an ability to regularly change your selection of widgets depending on what has caught your attention and this can easily be done on the Symbian devices.


If used for an extended period of time, the app becomes sluggish and responds slower than expected. While it is unclear whether this happens on all mobile devices, there is a risk of this happening on the Nokia E75. Generally however the feedback has been positive and this is one of the few exceptions, it seems. There is also the risk that if you should lose your mobile device, that the finder will have immediate access to your regular sites and could probably change your passwords without more. The simple solution to this is to ensure that main access to your mobile device is password protected so that it will not be possible to access any information on your phone at all, without the correct password for the device to begin with.

In a nutshell

Simple to use and saving on battery and space while providing you with easy access to most if not all of your favorite sites on your Symbian device, and it’s free. Seriously my Symbian folks, it doesn’t get any better than this!

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