Overview of Barcode Scanner versus Scandit

The vast number of shopping alternatives creates confusion among customers, especially since in today’s world; the hectic schedules do not allow people to spend a lot of time comparing merchandise and store prices. However, two iPhone applications have emerged as a means to simplify the whole comparison process: Barcode Scanner and Scandit. These two applications have been designed to quickly scan the barcodes on products and perform a search regarding the price of similar merchandise in your area, in order to provide the location of the store that offers the best deal. While in the beginning, when the barcode scanning technology had just been introduced on the market, the ability to recognize labels correctly was reduced and the search time was seemingly endless, the developers have come a long way. Well, let’s us take a look at how these two applications perform against each other.


Barcode Scanner is just one of the quality products developed by BahnTech, an iPhone and iPad application development company that has earn a solid reputation so far. While the company has developed a fake fingerprint recognition software utility with entertainment purposes only, the Barcode Scanner is their first attempt at this line of applications. However, the capabilities of their software developers are not to be underestimated, as Real Tools, 3D Camera and Battery GT are just a few of the highly rated utilities available on iTunes.

On the other hand, the Swedish Scandit company has focused solely on creating barcode recognition software and the integrating it into the day-to-day routine of their customers. In the words of one their representatives, the goal of the Scandit is to become a social network that bridges the gap between customers and products. In addition, the newly developed Scanalytics technology aims to create helpful statistics regarding the location, type and frequency of products scanned in real time. So, just how well do these two products score against each other in terms of scanning proficiency, interface and features?

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Barcode Scanner and Scandit

For one thing, when it comes to the simplicity of the barcode scanning process, Scandit and Barcode Scanner are equally matched, thanks to the auto-scan feature that does not require you to take a snapshot. Moreover, neither of the two applications require auto-focus camera and they have incorporated technology that immediately determines the orientation of the barcode. One of the advantages Scandit has over its competitor is the language interface. While Barcode only has an English version, the Scandit interface can be set to German as well.

Creating several shopping lists at the same time is a perk only Barcode Scanner can provide its users. In addition, these lists can be sent via email and Facebook. On the other hand, Scandit enables you to post the products you are interested in on the several other major social networks as well, comment on them and get feedback from your friends. As far as barcode recognition speed is concerned, it seems that Scandit has a slight advantage over the Barcode Scanner.


The popularity of the Barcode Scanner is clearly superior to the Scandit so far, though. Though users and editors of iTunes have given them both 4 out of a possible 5 stars, the number of customers who used and rated Barcode Scanner is much larger.


As far as costs are concerned, the price of the Barcode Scanner is $0.99 while Scandit is freeware. However, considering the practical utility of this type of application, cost is not an issue, especially since it is going to pay for itself many times over by getting you the best possible deal.

In a nutshell

While the Scandit software utility has the advantage of Scanalytics for retailers, the average customer is better off with the Barcode Scanner. The truth is that, even though these two applications are pretty evenly matched and it is difficult to deem either one as a clear winner in all categories, the Barcode Scanner is simply the most popular choice. Of course, since Scandit is freeware, there is nothing stopping you from trying it out and checking whether you are happy with the results. However, in terms of efficiency in pinpoint recognition accuracy, Barcode Scanner is the better alternative.

Head2Head winner: Barcode Scanner

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