Overview of Amazon Mobile versus eBay Mobile

Both Amazon.com and eBay.com have their own set of loyal followers who use these platforms to sell a variety of goods, both new and second hand. Both sites are extremely popular and the mobile versions of these sites too have provided users with easy to use interfaces. The question is whether these are actually in competition with each other. The objective of these mobile apps is to allow users to search, shop, compare prices and make purchases directly from these sites while on the move.


Amazon Mobile is developed by the big wig tech corporation, Amazon.com, LLC, that has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. This eCommerce company is famous for their cloud computing as well as online shopping offerings. Equally famous is eBay Inc which has developed the eBay Mobile app. eBay Inc is an American company that offers an online auction and shopping portal to its global users and another of its well known product is PayPal. In terms of developers, these two apps have a solid ironclad backing from these two individual giants.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between Amazon Mobile and eBay Mobile

Amazon mobile has a lot of nifty features that are interesting including Amazon Remembers that allow you to take photos of the products that you want to put on your wish list. Amazon stores these and even tries to locate them. Amazon Mobile of course retains many of its features that have made Amazon.com the place to shop. The ease of use is actually no different from using the computer and at the end of the day, it makes shopping easier since it is now mobile, rather than just online. eBay Mobile on the other hand makes the auction process easy and live. Unlike Amazon where buyers purchase specific products at fixed prices, purchasers on eBay thrive on the interaction that is available, and having this app on a mobile phone means that it is now possible to bid on the go.

In a head2head comparison, there are a variety of features about Amazon and eBay that will need to be evaluated. In terms of fees charged, both sites are similar. While eBay requires payment whether the items are sold or not, and Amazon doesn’t. In terms of functionality, eBay Mobile offers auction format listing which is popular amongst people who are interested in getting the best bargains, whereas on Amazon Mobile, only fixed-price listings are available. If looking at auctions, these work best for products that are collectibles or unique items. However if it is not in these categories, then it actually makes no sense to use the auction model and all that needs to be done is pay for the specific item to be delivered. In such instances, Amazon is more appealing.

The levels of interactivity on these two mobile platforms differ as well. It appears that there are higher levels of interactivity between eBay buyers and sellers, perhaps because they are involved in the auction process. The relationship between buyers and sellers on Amazon however is less personal. In terms of the mobile platforms, both are stable and Amazon Mobile in particular has worked to provide continuity in its look and feel and systems. In the last year, eBay on the other hand has been adjusting its platform, sometimes for the better, and sometimes not; and it is uncertain how this has affected eBay Mobile.

In terms of user interface, eBay requires each item to have its own photo and with eBay Mobile, it is also possible to do this on the go. While requiring photos for every item can be burdensome, being able to do this quickly and easily from the mobile phone means greater flexibility for the sellers. While Amazon provides a platform for photos to be loaded, although it is only one photo per item, there is no requirement that this is done. The rationale here is that the buyer does not necessarily have to see the photo in order to determine whether this is the item he is interested to purchase. But perhaps eBay’s auction model makes it necessary to do this.

Payment methods wise, Amazon’s own Amazon Payments structure makes it simple for payment to be made and to be deposited into the seller’s back account, once every fortnight. With eBay, there’s PayPal and as we all know what PayPal is, the rates charged can and will eat into the profit margins available.


Amazon is rated 4+ while eBay is rated 12+.


Currently, both of them are free iPhone apps.

In a nutshell

It really depends on what you are seeking to sell and what you want to buy. If the margins are tight and you are not interested in sharing some of this with PayPal and eBay, then Amazon may be the better platform. On the other hand, if you want the thrill of bids and interactivity with your potential purchaser or with sellers, then eBay provides just the right appeal.

Head2Head winner: Amazon Mobile

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