Overview of AlwaysOnPC versus DataViz Documents To Go

Enhancing mobility and portability is the goal of all smartphone designers. Therefore, the new generations of mobile phones and tablets are becoming increasingly proficient in performing the same tasks as a regular PC. AlwaysOnPC and DataViz Documents To Go are just two examples of software packages designed to allow iPhone users access to browsers, office tools, social network games by synchronizing with the personal computer. However, the performance of these two iPhone apps is far from similar, as you are about to find out next!


The Xform Computing company has designed the revolutionary AlwaysOnPC application as a means to help users across the world synchronize their mobile devices to the personal computer in their home wherever and whenever. The service was first launched on the market in 2008 and it has gained quite a bit of popularity over the years.

On the other hand, Dataviz, the creator of DataViz Document To Go application, has been on the market quite a fair bit longer than Xform Computing. The goal of this company is to mobilize each and every application and adapt it to the platforms used by the latest generation of smartphones. However, the synchronization feature of the utility was introduced fairly recently only.

Head2Head: A comparison of app features between AlwaysOnPC and DataViz Documents To Go

From the start, users can notice that from the point of view of the number of features included in the software package, AlwaysOnPC is vastly superior to DataViz Documents To Go. The former software package includes an OpenOffice platform capable of creating documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, graphical creation and editing software, incorporated Email programs and browsers such as Chrome and Firefox with the possibility to install add-ons. In addition, AlwaysOnPC has a potent drawing application that can only be rivaled by CorelDraw and even a Civilization game, not to mention the FTP transfer utility and the archive manager.

Compared to this array of features, the DataViz Documents To Go is a rather simplistic, as the basic version only includes a Word Editor, an Excel Spreadsheet Creator and a PDF viewer. However, it is worth noting that upgrading it enables users the possibility to create PowerPoint presentations as well. On the other hand, many customers have complained about the impossibility of editing the PPT documents. In addition, although the Spreadsheet editor has been advertised with bells and whistles, the input method is still rather difficult and unpractical, especially when using equations.

As far as the mobility is concerned, it seems that the virtual desktop created by AlwaysOnPC is again superior to the sync feature of the DataViz application. The DataViz Documents To Go sync is bound to the WiFi range of the computer, so the only means of storing the data you edit on your iPhone is via Google Docs. In terms of data safety, both applications have employed rather solid encryption.


As expected, customer testimonials rate the AlwaysOnPC application much higher than DataViz Documents To Go. In most cases, people who have purchased Documents To Go have complained about the lack of sync possibilities and the unpractical spreadsheet editor, as well as about the inferior PowerPoint creator. On the other hand, the innovative technology employed by XForm Computing in creating a virtual desktop with a wide range of possibilities has received lot of positive reviews. In addition, the high number of applications included in the AlwaysOnPC software package has determined clients to state that it is worth every penny.


The basic DataViz Documents To Go version costs 9.99 dollars, but in order to gain access to the PowerPoint creator, you will need to upgrade your software to the premium version, meaning that you will need to spend an additional 7.99 dollars. While the original price of the AlwaysOnPC application was 19.99 dollars, it has been slashed down to 4.99 dollars.

In a nutshell

AlwaysOnPc emerges as the clear winner of this comparison, thanks to its much wider array of features, syncing proficiency and considerably reduced costs. On the other hand, there is no point in spending money on an application with a clearly inferior potential, once you can get one that does a lot more, faster and better. It’s still your call because as an user, you might not need the enhanced set of features offered by our winner.

Head2Head winner: AlwaysOnPC

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