Overview of Bladeslinger

Voted by some users as one of the best app for iOS in November 2012, Bladeslinger is quite an impressive action game that combines western, steampunk and horror elements in one of the best interface for mobiles yet. The action takes place in the small community of Hammer’s Peak where you play the role of a badass cowboy who just came back home and finds out that his town has undergone some dramatic changes. The story line revolves around you finding the source of the monsters while fighting creeps and nightmarish creatures with the aid of your mechanical arm and mystical powers. I should stop now before unintentionally giving spoilers.


While it is a rather new company on the market, the Luna Arcade team consists of experienced game developers dedicated to bringing new and exciting games on the mobile platform. Interestingly enough, the developer is a self-funded company, a fact that usually means the apps they will develop – and they did promise to release a few in 2012 and 2013 – will not have to follow in the footsteps of larger gaming corporations like EA. As a matter of fact, given the advancements in the smartphone industry, the company was founded with the precise purpose of making mobile games better and providing players an innovative gameplay.


The graphic engine of the game is very impressive, particularly if you will be playing Bladeslinger on the newest generation of Apple hardware. While it is true that you won’t feel this way if you are a regular PC gamer and have a veritable Alienware station at home, you have to admit the fact that this game is definitely one of the best looking iOS apps on the market. It is important to note that the incredibly well designed characters as well as the fine details are finely optimized and you’ll enjoy an overall pleasant gaming experience thanks to the above decent framerate.

Bladeslinger Gameplay

The battle system that allows you to engage in close quarters melee fighting as well as long range gunning action constitutes the trump card of the Bladeslinger. And, all you have to do is tap the touchscreen to swipe as melee or shoot. Similarly to other third person shooters, the game permits players to dodge, block, execute and create combos that enable them to take advantage of the versatility of the battle modes. Even though the game can easily fall under the category of third person shooters, it is necessary to mention that it does integrate some RPG and action elements, such as special abilities upgrades and character stat increases.

A quick look at Bladeslinger main features

  • Bladeslinger certainly has one of the best graphic engines for mobile devices currently on the market.
  • The story line is guaranteed to offer you hours of entertainment and unique gameplay.
  • Unlike most shooters, the adventure is quite flexible and has replayability.
  • The controls of the game are overall intuitive.
  • You get a fully customizable and upgradable character.


If you are the least bit curious about the potential of the gaming industry on mobile devices, then Bladeslinger is just a hint of what the future could bring. The extraordinary graphic engine, high framerate and the captivating story line are all good reasons to try this game out if you are a fan of third person action shooters. If you are an Android smartphone owner, then rest assured the developers promised to release a version of Bladeslinger for Androids in the near future.


True enough, the basic battle controls are intuitive and imply taping the screen in order to engage in combat, especially when you are dealing with multiple enemies.  However, the same does not apply for the other moves you have to perform with your character and some are even hard to execute given that you are playing on an iPhone. For instance, if you want to block a hit you must place two fingers on top on your character and hold. If you prefer dodging then this command entails two taps in the direction that you want your character to go.

In a nutshell

Excellent graphics, a fully customizable character and a fascinating story taking place in the Wild West. Could you really ask for more from a mobile phone game? I certainly can’t!


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