Even though you have done your homework and made the winter holiday preparations in advance, it is best to take the necessary precautions to avert unexpected situations. From bad weather that delays your transportation to your companions who decide at the last minute that they want to visit a certain objective, there are some elements that could easily interfere with initial your vacation plans. Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to let unforeseen events ruin your trip. Following is a list of Android apps that could help you make the best of your holiday travels even if you happen to come across circumstances you haven’t anticipated.


FlightTrack – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata
While FlightTrack is one of the best apps to have during business travels, it is necessary to mention that its extensive database of more than 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines makes it an invaluable tool for families that intend to travel during the winter holidays as well. If you are taking the plane, then this app will constantly keep with up to date with gates, delays and flight cancellations, all ahead of time so you can catch your flight or book another if that is required. Not only does it provide real-time updates, but it also allows you to check the maps and itinerary offline.


What if you had a great time on your trip that you would like to spend a couple more nights there? In this situation, it is best to have an amazing app that offers you last-minute deals that you can get with up to 70% off if you book until 2 am. While it is true that this app is mostly addressing the US and major cities in Canada and the UK, the developers promised to include additional cities from across the world every month.  And, since the winter holidays is also about giving, you will be happy to learn that the developers of the HotelTonight have a great deal for users who download their app this winter: you’ll get $25, €20 or £15 off your first booking.



More often than not, the reason why people prefer flights to any other means of transportation during their trips is because it is much easier to learn and keep track of them. However, if you would like to explore the beauty of the region you’re visiting, you can’t really do that by plane. If you want to travel by train/bus and enjoy the gorgeous sceneries, then the good news is that now you can achieve this goal with the help of the Amtrack app. You can sit back and admire the beauty of the landscapes while Amtrack provides you with all the technicalities regarding your bus/train trip.


Are you a fan of road trips? Do you enjoy travelling on the interstate regularly? Then you definitely need to have the RoadNinja app on your mobile phone. From detailed info regarding the itinerary to the ability to check out what others are saying about any local business on your route and irrespective of whether you are looking for a no-fee ATM or a nice coffee shop, RoadNinja allows you to enjoy the same benefits as a local.


In spite of the slightly misleading name, Kayak is one of the best Android apps to have when you want to compare car rentals, flights and accommodations. The app quickly reveals all the available deals located near you and offers you as many details as possible to permit you to make an educated decision on choosing the best/cheapest deal for renting a car, booking a hotel room or a low cost flight. In addition, Kayak permits you to introduce an itinerary which you can review and manage at any point of the trip.

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First off, it is important to note that if you are an Android user, it is not advisable to leave on the winter holidays without an updated version of the Google Maps installed on your phone. In addition to Google Maps, the best app to have on your droid for holiday travel is Kayak. Not only does it allow you to compare flights, hotels and auto rental deals, but it also integrates valuable data such as airports contact details and useful information like the luggage fees and flight status, all updated since mid November 2012.

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