For many, end of 2012 represents the month when Microsoft finally released the notorious Windows 8 for mobiles. In spite of the fact that Microsoft’s team hopes to catch up and become a serious competitor for iOS and Android, the truth is that at this point it is simply too early to predict whether Windows 8 will actually become one of the best standalone choices for mobile operating systems.

Essentially, mobile users will just have to make do with the consecrated iOS and Android apps to help them manage their time more effectively and boost their productivity. Let’s review some of best productivity apps for December 2012.

Dragon Mobile Assistant


Even though this app is not exactly new, Android fans will be happy to learn that it is currently in Beta testing for the Jelly Beans and Ice Cream Sandwich based devices. To summarize, the app is a mobile assistant that allows you to navigate the web, make a call, create an appointment, text, update your status on the social networks, find directions, so on and so forth all that much easier, thanks to its voice recognition feature. On top of giving you the freedom to access everything fast and easy, the Dragon Mobile Assistant is free of charge with no limitations.


Todoist is one of the best productivity apps to have as an Android or iPhone user, available both in a free and premium version. Perhaps the biggest perk of this app comes from the fact that it allows you to access your tasks and projects while your smartphone is not connected to the internet. With the possibility to organize, update and edit your to-do list online and offline, this is definitely the app to have if your job implies travelling a lot by plane.

Cloud SMS

If you’re tired of switching devices back and forth just to read a SMS, come up with an answer and text back, then the Cloud SMS app for Android is exactly what you need. Even though the app permits you to text from your Android tablet instead of your smartphone, it is necessary to mention that all your messages will be transmitted under high levels of HTTPS encryption protocols, so you don’t have to worry about safety. And, on December 3rd the Cloud SMS received an important update that added an automatic cloud ID registration and re-sync when the app detects the loss of sync on your devices.

Notes by iBear

Notes HD

Notes by iBear is one of the most helpful app to have on your iPad if your job implies taking notes and editing them on a regular basis. Irrespective of the type of project you are involved in, rest assured the app includes a plethora of paper sets for any occasion. Similar to the usefulness of having a clean sheet of paper, the Notes app allows you to create to-do lists, draw sketches, write personal letters, a phone number or other contact details of a potential client/ business partner, etc. However, unlike a simple piece of paper, with this app you can be certain that you’ll never misplace your notes and they will always be organized in your iPad. On a side note, a more than welcome feature of this app is that taking notes will not put extra stress on your wrist.

Notebook Plus by Blue Tags

Notebook Plus

At first glance, the Notebook Plus may not seem very different from the Notes by iBear. However, it is important to note that the Notebook Plus is one of the easiest apps to manage your notes and it includes the most effective editing tools for iOS. From being able to choose from a wide variety of digital ink pens to setting passwords for notes and rearranging the pages, everything is possible with the Notebook Plus. In addition, the users will benefit from the most comprehensive and helpful customer support, 24/7.

What we think: The best app that tops this list goes to…

The Todoist is definitely the productivity app of the month. While it has undergone recent updates at the end of December, the developers announced that further developments and updates are on their way so that Jelly Bean users can enjoy the full benefits of this amazing organizer.

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