The newest creation of Apple, the iPhone 5, constitutes the living proof that their products don’t need more than the logo of the brand on them to become a smashing success. However, while most analysts estimated that the sales on first week after the launch of the iPhone 5 model would reach approximately 10 million, the company only managed to sell 5 million units. Even though the estimated quota has not been reached, market analysts and investors strongly believe that at least 25 million units will be sold until the end of 4th quarter of 2012.

Leaving aside the sales figures, what the hordes of enthusiastic fans who took to the Apple stores by storm on the day of the launch found out later on is that the iPhone 5 is far from perfect. In fact, considering the price of these models, which is mostly justified by the brand, one might actually say that the iPhone 5 is pretty disappointing. Let’s examine the most frequently encountered design flaws.

  1. Apple Maps can be crowned the most disastrous app of the decade

Apple’s bold move that implied switching from the Google Maps utilized on the older generations of iPhone to their in-house developed app Apple Maps turned out to be a terrible decision. It is still unclear how or why they decided to integrate such a poorly functioning app. Just a few days following the release of the iPhone 5 the online world exploded with criticism and satirical jokes at the expense of Apple Maps, which commits huge blunders like displaying deserts in the middle of the city or completely fails to show the correct locations.

monaghan hospital on apple maps

  1. Some of the other apps are in the infancy stage of development

If you overlook completely failed apps like Apple Maps, the iPhone 5 does integrate a few standout applications such as Passbook. Unfortunately, irrespective of their intended functionality, these apps are also riddled with bugs or have a suboptimal interface, which makes them seem like they were created in a hurry. Which they probably were!

  1. It presents light “leaking” issues

Several users have reported that the upper right corner of the iPhone 5 trickles light through the casing. While this cannot be considered a major problem, it does add to the imperfections of the highly expensive smartphone.

  1. The touchscreen is highly susceptible to damage

Apple commercials have emphasized on the durability of the touchscreen and case of the new iPhone 5, but in practice that is just false advertisement.

Demolished iPhone5

There are several short movies on the internet at this point that clearly show how easily you could scratch the display of the phone just by keeping it in the pocket next to your keys.

  1. The EarPods are malfunctioning sometimes

EarPods problems are not exactly infrequent, in spite of the fact that these gadgets also allegedly represent an iconic innovation of Apple. The common faults include poor sound quality – unrelated to the network carrier – as well as non-functioning remote actions like volume adjustment and/or call answering.

  1. The profile is too slim to hold properly

Designing one of the slimmest smartphones in the world has always been a priority for the iPhone 5 development team, but this time they might have taken things a bit too far. True enough, it’s nice to have a slim phone that takes very little space in your pocket, but not if it’s too thin to hold in your hand with worrying that you might accidentally drop it. And, since the iPhone 5 scratches easily, you really don’t want it falling from your hand.

  1. Mediocre accumulator lifespan

Judging by the current standards in the smartphone industry, the iPhone 5′s accumulator only classifies as mediocre at best. Experts speculate that the low battery life might be related to the operating system of the phone, iOS 6, which necessitates more “juice” than the previous one.

  1. Limited innovations

Many people don’t really understand why Apple felt the need to release a model that brings so few changes and innovations from the previous iPhone 4S. While its main competitor – Samsung Galaxy – integrates a plethora of new and useful functions, the iPhone 5′s biggest achievements comprise of customized vibration ringtones and the unfinished Passbook.

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