The Android platform currently retains a well-defined supremacy over its competitors in the mobile market and it comes as no surprise that numerous developers focus their attention towards creating apps exclusively for this OS. The Android apps fall under many categories and, while some are designed for entertainment purposes only, others include practical and/or educational functionalities. Furthermore, since mobile technology has had a major impact on the business world during the past few years, economy-related apps could not be overlooked by developers. Naturally, there is a wide variety of tasks that these Android apps can perform, from news updates to specialty course and from terminology definitions to entertaining field-specific quizzes. Let’s explore the top seven ones in 2012.

NPR Money Economy Podcaster

As the name of the application clearly suggests, the NPR economy app aggregates numerous programs related to the business world within a comprehensive, easy to view interface. Podcasts like Marketplace Money, Economic Security, From Scratch and many other comprise an unique selection of news designed to help any entrepreneur stay updated with the recent developments in finances and plan his next strategies accordingly.

Best Opencourse Video

Ok, so Best Opencourse Video is not exclusively a source of knowledge on economics. What this app actually does is provide users with classroom courses videos from the highest ranking universities in the world, including MIT, UCLA, Stanford and many more. Furthermore, it provides suggestions on relevant and popular videos based on the niche filters you select and it enables you to add the ones you prefer to a list of favorites.

The Economic Classroom App

Similar to Best Opencourse Video but focusing exclusively on the financial field, The Economic Classroom App constitutes an extensive resource of information. The app is excellent for both university and high school students with low or intermediate knowledge of economics because it includes textbooks, lectures and blogs, as well as news and dictionaries. Essentially, it is the Wikipedia of finances.

FRED Economic Data

Fred Economic Data is the gateway to an immense collection of actualized economic data gathered from more than 37 sources. The application presents numerous benefits for economy students who are writing documented essays, market analysts and academics. The data series can be filtered based on categories, stored as favorites and shared via social networks. Moreover, users will be able to receive updates on the latest economic research.

Economic Dictionary

Evidently, before you can successfully utilize any of the aforementioned applications, you need a solid grasp on the financial terminology. The Economic Dictionary constitutes an ample source of definitions for the frequently encountered as well as obscure terms in economy, not to mention info on various specialized disciplines.

Economic Growth

Are you struggling with the main concepts of economic growth? In that case, this app is the perfect place to find some answers. The information it provides falls under categories like the definition of financial progress, the measurement scale for it, the advantages/disadvantages of the phenomenon, practical examples and the methods of management. In essences, the Economic Growth app covers all the important notions and permits you to understand what this financial occurrence involves.

Economics Quiz

An excellent way to test the knowledge you have accumulated in the financial disciplines so far, the Economics Quiz app for Android is exactly what the name suggests, a comprehensive collection of economy-related questions. The sub-categories include world economy, country standings in terms of production, manufacturing and resources, methods of capital distribution and many more. However, unlike the tests you take in school, this app actually makes economic quizzes entertaining. You can select between 10/25/50 question modes or you can go straight to the pro mode that eliminates you from the test when you fail to answer 5 questions correctly. The questions are multiple choice and each awards a pre-established number of points based on difficulty. Add the bonuses for reaching a certain number of points and the fact that achievements can be shared over social networks and you have a fun way to learn economics.

What we think: The best app that tops this list goes to…

Now this is a tricky one. The best way to put it is that while financial professionals would benefit most from the news provided by the NPR Economy Money Podcaster, whereas for those who are just learning the ropes Best Opencourse Video constitutes an excellent source of knowledge.

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