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Overview of VIPorbit

In spite of the fact that VIPorbit has been on the market for a few months, this amazing mobile relationship manager only received the recognition it deserves fairly recently, at the end of November 2012 to be more precise. To put it simply, the iBusiness Magazine awarded the app the top prize from a list of 50 applications, a comprehensive and reputable list that included notorious names such as Skype, DropBox, Linkedin or Evernote.

While your first impulse might be to consider that VIPorbit is nothing more than an enhanced version of the famous ACT!, the contact management feature is just a small part of the application. To put it simply, the app has been especially designed to address the requirement of the busy professionals these days. In other words, the application comes with an impressive versatility and level of control over the contact groups, calendar, task management and obviously, easy face-to-face video calls and permanent access to the social networks.


VIPorbit has been created by a team of professionals who are focus on developing apps that specifically address the needs and requirement of business professionals. Essentially, the chief executive officer and co-founder of the project is Mike Muhney, a developer who is world renowned and highly appreciated for his ACT! Project released in 1987. Along with Kristi Elmendorf and Max Pucker, Muhney created one of the most comprehensive and effective apps for executives and professionals. As the team puts it, it’s not all about an easy to use, affordable solution that you could employ anywhere and anytime. A business professional actually needs something that can help him/her elevate the value of his/her business relationships.

VIPorbit Interface

As previously mentioned the biggest advantage of the VIPorbit app consists of the fact that it permits you to customize the interface as you wish so you could have easy access to contacts, appointments, tasks, so on and so forth. Essentially, the app will always provide a dashboard displaying your daily activities, all with links to the notes you have made to the calendar or the task manager. Even though the initial setup of the VIPorbit could take some time, since after all you have to introduce all contacts and their associated data, that is essentially the biggest issue you should expect to experience while using it.

A quick look at VIPorbit main features

  • With VIPorbit you can easily expand your business relationships and benefit from more credibility.
  • Permits you to analyze your communication logs and see the chronological events of your business relationship with just one tap.
  • You are able to record as many notes as you want for each of your contacts.
  • Because you can view calendars in multiple formats and based on several filters, you could easily organize your workday.
  • The app permits you to schedule a business appointment with a single person or an entire group
  • Allows you to make face-to-face video calls via Skype.
  • Integrates a dashboard that provides a summary of your daily activities as well as easy access to the calendar views.


The trump card of the VIPorbit app resides in the fact that it currently constitutes the only application for iPhone integrating such an extensive array of elements. Therefore, business professionals can benefit from the numerous features to help them manage their contact lists more effectively into spheres of influence based on the relationships and connections between them. In addition, the app allows you to create user-definable lists, permits an effective organization and management of the calendar and enables you stay connected with your contacts at all times via Phone, Facebook, Twitter or email address.


Even though VIPorbit enjoys a good reputation among business professionals, some of them complained about minor bugs. However, it is important to note that bugs are constantly being addressed by patches, updates and fixes.

In a nutshell

If you are a busy professional and your job requires you to keep in touch with your managers, clients, partners or employees, the VIPorbit is exactly what you need. Fully equipped with all the features that a modern business professional needs these days, the app helps you manage your contacts successfully and organize your time effectively.


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