Overview of Angry Birds (Star Wars)

Granted, the mere idea of combing the basic concept of Angry Birds with the story line of Star Wars has been controversial at first. However, all doubts were shattered when this amazing game app was launched. In fact, if you were to be cynical about it, the hype generated by this smartphone game is actually a step up for Star Wars, given its recent history. While for now Angry Birds fans can win a powerful green lightsaber after completing the 80 levels, the developers surely have a few more fun tricks up their sleeve.


Even though Rovio was founded in 2003, the company did not know success until the launch of the world renowned Angry Birds franchise. With the original Angry Birds released and the first award won in 2010 for one of the best puzzle games for mobile platforms, nothing could stop Rovio from achieving the huge success it records nowadays.

The new Star Wars mode of the game is no exception to the rule, as immediately after it was released on the US market in November 2012, it has been voted as the number one game for all mobile platforms. In fact, the game was such a success on the iTunes App Store that it reached the top in less than 3 hours after its launch.

In order to celebrate the dominance of the newly released Angry Birds, the developer has a big surprise installed for fans. Essentially, if you are a fan and tag a tweet with #FlingingTheFlock you have the chance to win an exclusive Pork Side plush toy.

Angry Birds (Star Wars) Interface, sound and gameplay

If you are ready to embark on the greatest adventure of the Angry Bird yet, then be prepared to do so in an amazingly designed interface. As you might have expected, the Birds and the Pigs are currently dressed up as Jedis and respectively the Storm Troopers, each with their very own signature and special abilities that Star Wars fans are accustomed to. In addition to the mandatory dress code of the birds (Luke, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, R2D2, C3PO) you will also be able to recognize the famous settings from Stars Wars, including Hoth, Tatooine, Degobah and obviously, The Pig Star. In regards to the sound, fans will not be disappointed with the combination of the Star Wars familiar music theme as well as the sounds typical for Angry Birds.

A quick look at Angry Birds (Star Wars) main features

  • With 80 levels, you can be sure to enjoy hours of fun fighting against the Pigtroopers
  • With each level, your birds will gain new abilities
  • The game includes brand new Star Wars inspired weapons, like lightsabers, Jedi powers  and blasters
  • Rememorize the Star Wars adventure and get personal training from Master Yoda himself
  • Lots and lots of secret weapons and bonus levels
  • All updates will be free of charge


As mentioned in the beginning of the review, this app combines the mechanics of an already awesome game with the epic story line of one of the best space adventures by George Lucas. While you will still have to destroy the Imperialist Pigtroopers in order to complete the 80 levels, there is also a noteworthy plot twist: as you progress through the levels, you’ll get to evolve similarly to the main characters of the Star Wars adventure. Essentially, you will start up as Luke, earn you lightsaber and you even get to fight as Obi-Wan against the Empire Forces.


In all honesty, the only issue users find disturbing regarding Angry Birds Star Wars is that the app is not universal for both smartphones and tables. To put it simply, if you already have it on your iPhone and you want it on iPad as well, you will have to pay twice for the game. On a side note, the Android version of the Angry Birds app is free of charge.

In a nutshell

In spite of the fact that almost everyone was skeptical about the success of the Angry Birds Star Wars game, the app turned out to be an extraordinary game with an interesting story line and fun mechanics. Overall, the app is the perfect combination of old and new, same and different. Perhaps, this is why it enjoys such a great success worldwide.


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