With 2013 looming, Google Play has issued a list of the applications that have transformed people’s lives in the past year and that have earned a place among the best of the best. Numerous high quality, innovative applications have been released in 2012 and many other old ones were improved and revamped to meet the new standards. It has been predicted that even more apps will make their way to the Google Play store in 2013, but we should take a few moments to analyze their predecessors. After all, the mobile app world is a constantly evolving organism and no platform spawns out of the blue.

  1. Evernote, the all-in-one organizing app

Few organizing apps – if any – can compare to the comprehensive number of features integrated in the Evernote. From creating grocery lists to saving content from web pages/social networks that you are interested in, from creating to-do lists to saving snapshots of your board in class, Evernote does it all. Add the fact that it’s free and it can be synced on all your mobile devices/desktops and you can easily understand why Evernote belongs in this top.

  1. Pinterest, the new trend in content sharing

Pinterest is the new kid on the block when it comes to viewing and sharing image content from a vast array of niches. It can also create collections of pictures that you enjoy and provide inspiration for various DIY projects, traveling locations, so on and so forth.

  1. Grimm’s Snow White, story time with a twist

This interactive pop-up book has greatly improved the bedtime stories for children and made it incredibly easy for them to immerse in the world of the Grimm’s timeless classic. Puzzles, minigames, mazes and magical potions are only a few of the things your children will get to experience in the Snow White app.

  1. Pocket, content viewing at a whole new level

Pocket constitutes a revolutionary video/text content viewing method even in the absence of an internet connection, allowing users to synchronize all their devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and of course, desktops. A clean, intuitive interface is another trump card that has deemed the app worthy of this top.

  1. Expedia, the revolution in travel savings

In short, this application enables users to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars on flights and accommodations thanks to its unique coupon system, irrespective of the destination. Saving 60% on your hotel with a simple, free app is not a deal you can easily pass up.

  1. Ancestry, your family’s history at your fingertips

Ancestry allows users to create, edit and display family heritage and it’s a mandatory app for those who are interested in finding out more about their roots. In addition, you could include pictures of the family members in your tree, view records and gain visual access to high res, historical documents.

  1. Fancy, reinventing shopping

Similar to Expedia, Fancy is a deals/savings oriented application and it constitutes a necessity for every shopaholic. The crowd-trimmed catalogs and the valuable list of stores, discounts and great deals will definitely come in handy.

  1. SeriesGuide, all you wanted to know about TV series

If you are frustrated about the episodes you missed from your favorite series or your simply wish to learn more about the cast, get news about the show, view pictures or keep track of the progress, SeriesGuide is the application for you. The only thing it can’t do is streamline the episodes.

  1. Pixlr Express, photo editing gone wild

The impressively comprehensive collection of filters, effects, borders and overlays comprised in Pixlr Express allow you a great deal of flexibility in editing picture images directly on your Android device. In addition, Pixlr Express requires minimalistic photo editing skills, the learning curb is not at all steep and it comes free of charge.

  1. TED, the simplest way to attend conferences and seminars from your home

TED puts you in contact with some of the world’s most famous and inspiring personalities by providing you direct access to seminars, conferences, debates and interviews. From medical mavericks to rock stars, this application (designed with the aid of Sony) transforms your Android mobile device into a veritable source of knowledge and inspiration. Nourish your mind with the lifetime experience of fascinating personages compressed into 20-minute videos, free of charge!

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