From GTalk, Facebook Chat and AIM to WhatsApp and Skype, smartphone users can’t really complain about having limited options when selecting an instant messaging solution. However, even in a market oversaturated with dozens of effective IM apps, Samsung managed to show us once more why it is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Samsung ChatOn might not be the newest application in its niche, but the latest updates it received this 2012 Christmas certainly places it among the top rated IM apps.


As you already guessed from the name of the application, the developer of ChatON needs no further introductions. What Samsung tried and succeeded to achieve with this IM app is to offer smartphone users – ChatOn also has versions for PC and iOS – an effective means of easily connecting to virtually every media gallery on their devices. Furthermore, the team managed to accomplish this task by also integrating a simple, clean and intuitive interface, as you are about to find out.


As Samsung has already accustomed its fans, the interface of the app is impeccable. Everything is well organized and arranged in intuitive menus so that users save time. Speaking of saving time, the app incorporates a smart features that permits you to drop off contact info or location coordinates directly onto the chat, with just a couple of taps.

A quick look at its main features

  • The apps can be installed on numerous different platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, bada and the web
  • By creating and logging in your Samsung account, you can instantly connect up to five devices simultaneously
  • ChatON offers an abundance of communications means so you can be in touch with your friends whenever and wherever
  • The means to enrich your communication include chat, sharing pictures, videos and audios, group chat, local info and document files
  • Because the app saves all uploads, you will never have to worry about losing the files you shared ever again
  •  The “Interaction Rank” option is a nice way to determine how often you interact with your contacts and it’s extremely useful in the business environment
  • The biggest perk of them all consists of the animated messages
  • It currently covers 68 languages and it is accessible in 120 countries


Even though most of you feel tempted at this point to state that Samsung stole Nokia’s notorious motto, it is necessary to mention that ChatON represents more than just a means to connect with family, friends and coworkers. In fact, Samsung’s way of “connecting people” is a few steps ahead of the dying era of the SMS and MMS. To put it simply, ChatON is especially designed to smoothen the communication between people in difficult circumstances. For instance, remember the old days when you used to get mad at your friends when they didn’t understand your SMS joke and you had to explain it until the funny part was lost? Well, now you can easily avert these frustrating situations by sending them a voice message.

As mentioned in the beginning of the review, ChatON has received quite a bundle of useful updates this winter, all in the name of simplification. For instance, one of the features that users love the most on this app is that they can send and receive messages simultaneously across all the devices signed in. And yes, this includes pictures as well. In addition, since the mobile apps nowadays are all about customizations, users can now enjoy an impressive array of tweaks and options to personalize the ChatON app.


The only quarrel with ChatON and its new updates comes from the tablet users who feel that the improvements are not exactly on par with the ones implemented for smartphones. Nonetheless, tablet users still can enjoy a plethora of upgrades with the latest ChatON version, including a walkie-talkie feature, a noticeable improvement of the My page, options to add typing status, image effects, group member profiling, so on and so forth.

In a nutshell

Available in 120 countries and covering over 68 languages, ChatON is the pioneering communication app of the hour. Therefore, if you ever felt that your current chat client is jaded and does not meet your needs and requirements, then it’s time you gave ChatON a try!

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