Does the debt you have accumulated in the past years depress you? Do you feel like you’re about to burst into tears each time you check your bank account? Is looking in your wallet a surefire way to kill your holiday spirit? Do the notorious Fiscal Cliff discussions on talk shows really get on your nerves?

While there’s no denying the fact that, at the moment, what the United States need to overcome the economic crisis is a nothing short of a miracle, the least you could do is not let the money-related frustrations and stress get the best of you. And what better way to blow off some steam that fighting directly against debt and deficit than the newly updated Slash the Deficit app?


While the company behind this application was founded in 2012, the truth is that Unicorn Infinity’s team has quite an impressive background and experience in the app development niche. To put it simply, the Slash the Deficit squad is composed of the best veterans from big app developer names such as the 38 Studio or Big Huge Games. It is necessary to mention that Unicorn Infinity has big plans for 2013, when they intend to release two new exciting app on the market, namely Music Maze and Coin Wish.


Since everything is well organized, clean and easily accessible, the interface of the application lives up to the modern users’ expectations. It is necessary to mention that the menus and icons of the app are fairly intuitive, so that regardless of your interest and knowhow in the politic and economic sectors you can get around. Via the left side of the display, the user can gain quick access to the main economic departments, whereas the right side consists of a bigger window where the player can open the associated subcategories. Needless to say that the app includes graphs that permit you to quickly analyze the consequences of your decisions.

A quick look at its main features

  • The minimum system requirements for Slash the Deficit include 24.2 MB free space, iOS 4.3 or later and an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device
  • Frenetic gameplay where you need to make fast calls and decision to prevent the economy from collapsing
  • The controls are intuitive and allows you to put your decisions into practice immediately
  • Slash the Deficit permits you to connect with friends over Facebook and Tweeter to discuss the hot topic of global economic crisis
  • Available worldwide for free at both Apple Store and Google Play


As the developers nicely put it, the role of the game is to determine you to think about the financial crisis in depth. And, the more you think about how the United States ended up in huge debt, the more you understand the mechanics behind the global economy. At the same time, without being placed in the position of making budget cuts, particularly if you are not a manager or working in the finance department, the harder it is for you to comprehend why the government is sometimes forced to reduce the funds in sectors everyone finds important, like Education, Health, Transportation, Welfare or Environment. Lastly, another noteworthy element you can learn from this game is that there is always more than one solution to the problem, irrespective of whether you are a republican or democrat supporter.


If you are a fan of economics and politics, then the fact that there is no actual correlation between the real and the in-game dollar value might bother you. Essentially, the cuts you can perform while playing are not relevant to the United State’s budget. In addition, while the game offers numerous options to fight against deficit, they don’t really apply to the real thing. As old school gamers say, “I went outside at one point and while the graphics were awesome, the gameplay sucked”.

In a nutshell

Because the developers are well aware that the US budget deficit is over 16 trillion dollars and since they have no intention of increasing it even further, they are offering the stress-relieving Slash the Deficit app free on the Apple Store and Google Play. Enjoy your winter holidays by kick debt in the pants and showing the officials in Washington DC how it’s done!

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