If you enjoy playing arcade games on your iPhone or iPad, you will definitely love the newest app of this genre, Dear Zombie. Launched on December 20, the app has already captured the attention of thousands of fans worldwide, especially since it is currently available free of charge on the Apple Store. While you might feel tempted to think that zombies in the entertainment business are overrated and over-milked, this highly addictive and fast-paced survival game is here to contradict you on the matter.


Dear Zombie was created by Darryl Bartlett, a less known application developer for both iOS and Android platforms. While Mr. Bartlett might not enjoy notoriety in the gaming application niche, it is necessary to point out that his app is precisely what the average smartphone owner wants from mobile gaming. To summarize, the concept of the game as well as the controls are intuitive so that users can focus on destroying zombies and less on memorizing the action buttons.

On a side note, readers should know that the developer holds a competition on his website and is ready to offer the first 5 winners gift cards worth $50 and $25. All you have to do is download the app, review it on the Apple store, contact the developer and wait until the 5th of January 2013 to find out if you won.


In terms of graphics, let’s just say that it has an excellent 2D interface, simple, clear and intuitive. What this means is that if you enjoyed Bladeslinger and continue to play it for the graphics, chances are you won’t be too satisfied with the graphics of Dear Zombie. Nonetheless, the 2D interface is much better than you expect and, to be honest here, you don’t really need more graphics given the controls and gameplay. And yes, the gore, mild horror and fear thematic as well as the cartoon violence are all there.

A quick look at its main features

  • The game works on iPhone 3G or better (the app is optimized for iPhone 5)and iPad Touch 3rd generation or better
  • You need to have approximately 30 MB free to install Dear Zombie
  • It is preferably that you have iOS 4.3 or later
  • Integrates 10 exciting and captivating levels
  • You can keep track of your scores and achievements at Game Center
  • Impressive 2D graphics
  • As far as the downloads go during the 2012 winter holidays, it is one of the best zombie shooting games currently on the market
  • It is free, but only for a limited period


Dear Zombie might not seem like much at first. However, once you get into the action you can easily find yourself spending hours shooting zombies and having your survival skills tested with every occasion. Similar to other zombie games out there, you start off as a lone gunner with a simple weapon to fight against relatively low numbers of zombies. However, as you progress in the game, you get to find new weapons and upgrades you can use to ward off greater hordes of zombies. Needless to mention that if your assailants catch you, you’ll end up a zombie yourself.


While it is true that you can find Dear Zombie free at the Apple Store, it is necessary to mention that this trial is for a limited period. Nonetheless, paying for this app should not scare you as it does not cost more than one buck.

Even though the free trial has allowed the app to increase its fan base considerably and Dear Zombie does add some variety in this niche, some users strongly feel that the application should have more content. Irrespective of whether this content implies integrating more levels, including new enemies or increasing the amounts of weapons and upgrades, players simply want more of it.

In a nutshell

In all fairness, even without the free trial period, the Dear Zombie application is still a bang for the buck. Considering the gameplay, storyline and countless hours of having fun while shooting zombies, one dollar is actually very little to ask compared to what the application has to offer. And, in spite of its less than perfect graphics, Dear Zombie is a game worth checking out.

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