Have you heard the latest definition of the word “tomorrow”? Well, tomorrow is that mystical space-time continuum where productivity, motivation and achievements are all possible. Leaving the joke aside, if you know you are a natural procrastinator and you usually need something to push you to finish your tasks, then it’s time you learned more about Finish.

While many bloggers might see it as a solution for those who prefer to postpone their tasks for various reasons, the truth is that this app is also a good choice for individuals who are fairly stressed about meeting deadlines. If you are curious as to why, then it is necessary to mention that unlike similar to do apps, Finish is not focused on strict deadlines, but rather allows you to schedule chores in time frames.

Let’s go over the reasons why this small, one dollar app might constitute the solution for people who want to make sure they respect their due times.


Finish is the great product of two 16 years old, namely Michael Hansen and Ryan Orbuch (Basil LTD), the latter coming up with the idea during his final exams.


The interface is clean and displayed in the form of a list of priorities of the tasks you introduced, from the short-term to-dos to the long-term chores. It is important to note that on the right side of each task you will notice the time you have left to finish it, according to the deadline you introduced. In the eventuality that you want to make some changes in the list, then you can slide left and you will enter a menu that allows you to mark activities with stars to emphasize on their priority or sign them as completed. As a side note, this menu also allows you to share your list on Facebook or Twitter.

A quick look at its main features

  • Finish provides a simple method of creating and keeping track of activities
  • Organizing tasks has never been simpler, considering that all you have to do is create the event, name it and introduce a deadline
  • The app comes with 3 default time frames, namely short-term, mid-term and long-term
  • The short-term implies less than 2 days, mid terms are 3 to 7 days, while the long –term refers to projects that are due after 8 or more days
  • The time frames are customizable according to the users’ preferences, needs and schedule
  • Integrates a notification system that tells users when a certain task is due
  • The notification system can be turned off whenever you need to focus on a single activity for instance
  • In addition, if you are overwhelmed or stressed the app can collapse the less-urgent tasks
  • Finish allows you to mark completed project and keeps them in an archive
  • Incorporates a gesture-based, clean and attractive interface


As previously mentioned, Finish integrates default time frames, from short-term (less than 2 days) to long term (more than 8 days until the due date). Because this system might not work for everyone, the good news – and a highly appreciated feature of the app at the same time – is that you can customize the time frames according to your individual needs and preferences. On a side note, you can make this modification by clicking on the plus and minus symbols. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

A further noteworthy feature of the app consists of method to introduce the tasks, namely create it, name it, add a deadline and it will automatically classify itself in its designated time frame and priority level.


According to users, Finish comes with two minor setbacks. First off, many users consider the star system feels like it a mistake because the app does not allow you to view a list that contains only high priority chores, typically marked with a star. Secondly, when creating a task you are not able to give it a proper title as the app limits the number of words.

In a nutshell

Overall, Finish is a decent application, considering its nature and the fact that it practically reinvented a very simple concept, the notorious to do lists. However, given the fact that you can only add small titles to the list, it is safe to assume that it doesn’t address the modern professional who might have a relatively large and busy schedule set for each day.

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