While ensuring data security on mobile devices is critical nowadays, the truth is that achieving this goal has never been more difficult. Granted, you might very well argue that you can maintain your personal data safe from prying eyes by using a simple, yet effective security method, namely the password protection. However, in order for this strategy to work as intended you will have to come up with various passwords for each account where you store critical data. On top of that, if you create your passwords “properly”, then chances are you will have a hard time remembering them.

Here is where iPIN steps in to save the day. As its name suggests, the app provides a simple, safe and fast solution to storing various pins and passwords. Even though keeping all critical data in one place is not usually recommended, it is important to note that iPIN integrates a top-notch encryption system able to provide the best security regardless of the circumstances. And that’s not all, as you are about to find out.


In spite of the fact that the developer is a relatively young US based company, they actually had a huge success with the launch of the app. In fact, iPIN was so well received by the Apple Store users that the app has almost immediately received a maximum rating. This is why Ibitilies Inc.’s CEO Frank Muller recently announced that in order to show the company’s gratitude, the app was available at half the price at the Apple Store and Mac App Store in January.


In all honesty, the display of the pins and passwords is actually the trump card of the app, particularly since the only role of iPIN is to store pins and accounts securely. Essentially the security application comes with 9 different parameters that allow you to customize the display according to your preferences and needs.

For instance, if you want to make sure that the person behind you at a cash desk will not see your credit card pin, even though he/she is looking directly at your smartphone, you can customize iPIN to show a full display of numbers of different sizes and colors. An alternative would be to have the application display the pin numbers reversed.

A quick look at its main features

  • Smart keyboard integrating 9-touch sensitive sensors
  • The app does not unlock unless it recognizes your personal sensor code
  • iPIN allows a plethora of combinations from a simple touch to tapping multiple sensors simultaneously
  • The touch sensors can be turned on and off as often as you need
  • The data you decide to store with iPIN will be encrypted via AES-256 Advanced Encryption Standard
  • The app allows you to backup your personal data with iCloud and iTunes
  • iPIN incorporates iCloud and ensures your stored data will be synced on all your devices
  • Unlike the vast majority of backup apps, this application allows you to select the data you want to backup
  • It grants access to exported PDF files
  • The updates version of the app permits you add your own icons
  • However, in order for the icon to be accepted it needs to meet a couple of requirements, such as the pic file should be a .PNG and have a 128 x 128 resolution or 64 x 64 for gadgets without retina


Definitely the biggest perk of the application resides in its ingenious safety mechanism. Not only are you able to select a display method that will confuse anyone who tries to spy on your data, but accessing the app is almost impossible in the eventuality your iPhone ends up in the wrong hands. Simply put, the app is designed to lock itself when the personal code is erroneously introduced too many times.


Although this cannot be considered a negative aspect of the application in the true sense of the word, it is necessary to mention that some users feel iPIN could benefit from support for additional types of data.

In a nutshell

Simple function, customizable display and highly effective in keeping you critical data safe from thieves and the so-called shoulder-surfers, iPIN could come in handy for anyone who needs to access sensitive information via the mobile device regularly.

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