Truth be told, we live in the age when people want their information “NOW!”, sometimes irrespective of whether they actually know exactly what they want. Even though it is hard to say why everyone is in such a hurry, business owners should adapt to the trends and provide customers with want they need. While a few years ago, your sales could have dropped significantly without an internet presence, nowadays creating user-friendly, 99.9% online sites is simply not enough. Essentially, as the number of smartphone and tablet owners has increase exponentially, it would be a huge mistake not have a mobile version of your company’s site and why not an app.

Even though companies go to great lengths to provide their audience with what they need, it is necessary to point out that mobile apps are just as useful for the business owners. From helping them build loyalty and fruitful relationships to being able to connecting with the not-so-patient customers of today and solving problems as soon as they unfold, mobile apps provide quite a few perks to business owners as well. Following is a list of iPhone apps that anyone who manages a business could find practical.

  1. DocScanner


DocScanner: Scan Multipage Documents to Beautiful PDFs


As you surely figured it out from DocScanner’s name, the application is designed to function as a professional scanner, which quickly transforms your files into PDFs you could save or send via email. In addition to its impressive scanning abilities, it is necessary to mention that the app supports Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox and WebDAV. Incorporating state of art image processing algorithms and utilizing the maximum capabilities of your iPhone’s camera, this amazing app is one strong tool in every entrepreneur’s arsenal.

  1. SleepCycle


Sleep Cycle alarm clock


Competition, bills and business-related problems in general are usually too hard to cope with if you don’t get a good night’s rest and could affect your productivity, decision making process and your health in the long run. Sure, you could very well argue that you have a hectic schedule and are forced to sleep whenever your agenda allows you to. However, since getting enough sleep is important a better solution would be the SleepCycle app. To summarize, the role of this app is to act like a bio-alarm clock that monitors your sleep patterns and always wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase.

  1. Expensify
Expensify for iPad

Expensify is quite an useful app for managing bills, receipts, travel plans and company related expenses as well as analyzing how you spend your budget in depth in order to come up with viable cash-saving solutions. Furthermore, the app comes with a feature that permits you to integrate all your accounts, thus making file management and payments fast and straightforward. As many satisfied users testify, Expensify is perhaps the best app for small to medium size companies currently available on the market.

  1. WorkFlowy

Are you looking for a solution to naturally take digital notes, but hate the fact that Evernote and OneNote need to be opened in order to achieve your goal? Then WorkFlowy, the app that keeps your notes in one giant list – obviously with the possibility to zoom in and get all the details of a certain note – might be what you were looking for.

  1. GoToMyPC

Considering the nature of a business owner’s job nowadays, we are sure that you were often put in the unpleasant situation of needing to use your work computer but couldn’t because you were in another location. If you are tired of not being to access important data whenever you need to, then GoToMyPC might be the solution for your problem. In short, the app ensures that you can access files, email and programs regardless of where you are.

What we think: The best app that tops this list is..

Expensify does bring a few important advantages to a business owners as well as help entrepreneurs save time and money in the long run. Without a doubt this is an amazing app you should consider if you are looking for a professional management solution.

However, DocScanner is definitely the winner in this business owner apps list due to its extended usability and functionality. To put it simply, it’s the number one choice because it allows you to scan anything from the notes you took on Evernote during a meeting with a potential buyer/business partner to receipts, documents and critical files that you can afterwards securely store on your preferred cloud storage client.

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