In all fairness, the vast majority of users do not need more than the built-in calendar on their smartphone to plan their schedule, make appointments or invite their contacts to a certain event. However, the same does not apply for the busy professional of today for whom the very nature of their jobs imply having a comprehensive, smooth and effective calendar for business purposes. Following is a compilation of third-party calendar apps especially designed for the hectic world of today.

  1. Pocket Informant

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Pocket Informant is that you don’t have to set it up. Simply download the app, install it and it will automatically update anything from your system’s account sync. Moreover, the transitions are smooth, it is intuitive and it integrates full task management features.

  1. Business Calendar

As the name of the app suggests, the Business Calendar is an excellent tool for professionals that integrates all the features you will need to get around in the hectic business world of today. From incorporating and syncing various calendars and a highly effective Holo interface to drag-and-drop and zoom-in, you can expect only the best performance from this app.

  1. Cozi

Even though Cozi’s developers state that the app addresses mostly families, the truth is that the calendar would be a great organizer for work teams as well. Whilst you might argue that it is separated from the Google Calendar, the truth is does its job excellently meaning that you can seamlessly create to-do lists, give permission, set up an agenda, so on and so forth.

  1. CalenGoo

While at first glance CalenGoo does not impress much, soon you will come to realize just how practical and functional this app actually is. What makes this calendar app great for the busy professional of today is that you can drag-and-drop all appointments and notes according to how your schedule changes on a certain date.

  1. Rabotan ToDo Calendar

In the eventuality that you need an organizer with professional task management capabilities, then the Rabotan ToDo Calenar is the perfect tool for the job. First off, it is necessary to mention that the app allows you schedule tasks – for yourself and others – via SMS and email. In addition, the application permits you to convert any event in your Google Calendar into this format.

  1. Agenda Widget

If you prefer the functionality of Google Calendar but you need something more professional for organizing tasks, then the Agenda Widget is perfect for the job. Not only does it come with numerous customization options, but it is also able to pull and allow you to organize tasks from Pocket Informant and CalenGoo.

  1. Touch Calendar

Available in a plethora of themes and integrating the smoothest zoom-in and zoom-out features that allow you to check your agenda on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, Touch Calendar is maybe the freshest app in its niche.

  1. Pure Grid Calendar widget

In the eventuality that you are currently working with several calendar apps and you need something to help you sort the tasks and events out, then the Pure Grid app might be just what you were looking for. Incorporating a wide array of customization options, this app works extremely well with other third-party calendar-type apps and other categories of applications you have on your Android smartphone.

  1. DigiCal

Although DigiCal might look like a slightly more advanced version of the built-in Android calendar, this app is more than meets the eye. A noteworthy feature is the integrated Google Now that alerts you regarding appointments and Google Maps that ensures you get there on time.

  1. Jorte

If you are wondering what an app like Jorte is doing in this top, then you should know that it is because of its own cloud service. Moreover, the app is well designed and includes numerous features that allow you to organize task according to your preferences and needs.

A final thought

It is pretty difficult to pick a clear winner for this top. In spite of the fact that the Business Calendar incorporates all the features a professional will ever need in order to sort out his agenda, it also comes with a setback, the absence of an efficient task management tool. At the same time, even though Rabotan ToDo Calendar might allow you transmute Google Calendar events into assigned tasks, unfortunately you will have to upload the new task and sync it manually. The app with the fewest disadvantages remains to be Pocket Informant.

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