This spring, Android fans who enjoy tinkering with their devices have a lot to celebrate. At the beginning of March ClockWorkMod finally completed the beta testing for Superuser and it is currently available on the listings of the Google Play Store. Are you tired of getting the accessed denied, violating permission rights and any other annoying notices each time you are trying to install a new app on your Android? Thanks to Superuser you can disable, delete and overwrite them. But that’s not all this app can do, as you are about to find out!


The developer of the Superuser is also the creator of Carbon Back Up and the notorious ClockWorkMod tailor-made recovery apps, Koushik Dutta. Even though the launch of another version of Superuser from the same developer took everyone by surprise, the developer justified his actions by claiming that such applications should be open source, in order to allow objective security analysis.

Unlike other apps he created, the developer announced that Superuser will always be free and he doesn’t intend to build a paid, feature-rich counterpart. With Dutta being on a roll lately, it is safe to assume that his new app will become a worthy competitor of similar rooting tools very shortly.


While the beta Superuser’s interface was disappointing – some users even reported spelling mistakes – the official version looks amazing. It is clean, incorporates a bundle of options and it’s free, so basically everything you could ever want in an application. From allowing you to choose the duration of the request before they time out, setting a new custom Green to authorize app request to creating admin rights on your smartphone and configuring the gadget for a predefined time while it is being used by someone else, Superuser makes everything happen fast and smooth.

A quick look at its main features

  • The app is able to handle multiple users at once
  • It works like a charm for devices running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and up
  • Has support for x86 and ARM
  • It features a PIN password protection
  • The app will ask for the PIN in order to continue with your request, a very nice protection feature to have in the unfortunate even that your smartphone is stolen
  • Speaking of enhanced protection, Superuser incorporates a request timeout setting  set to deny any request made after a predetermined period of time
  • The UI is super-smooth and fitted to tables
  • Incorporates support for pre-app configuration, manifest permission and logging
  • New user interface


Definitely the most praiseworthy feature of the Superuser is that it’s open source. With so many scandals related to privacy policies lately, the launch of the app comes as a breath of fresh air. Essentially, everything associated with this app is transparent and can be subjected to security analysis. In addition, the open source might prove to be a positive action for users because they will no longer be forced to wait for months for a security update, bug fix patch or maintenance patch.


In all fairness, the need for rooting a system on a mobile devices stems from the manufacturer’s desire to limit user access and power over the system. Even though it sounds pretty bad, the truth is that this measure is necessary to prevent users from damaging their gadgets, especially since most of them don’t really have the necessary knowledge to modify the OS or to repair complex problem.

Evidently, the app addresses and should be utilized only by Android users with rooted smartphones. In addition, since the tool is designed to help you define your root user account, it is not really recommended for beginners. In short, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

In a nutshell

In spite of the thousands of apps currently available on the market, few of them can actually work efficiently without some tinkering. In addition, while some developers have created other apps to fix this inconvenience, such tools can sometimes make matters worse when managed without paying attention. If you want to open up a world of new settings to configure your Android smartphone just the way you like it, even to the very details, then Superuser is a smooth, professional tool for the task.

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