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Nowadays, only few people can truly state that the decision to pursue one career or another was based exclusively on their passion or interests. In tough economic times such as the ones we are experiencing today, we all have to compromise between following our dreams and making ends meet by taking a job that is not exactly what we used to dream about as children.

However, when the life goals of a person are in direct conflict with his or her career, then dissatisfaction and eventually burnout are soon to follow. And maybe in our search for an interesting yet financially rewarding job we overlooked certain possibilities. Introducing Career Cat, the application that every iOS based smartphone owner in search of work should utilize in his hunt for a secure future.


While the developer of the Career Cat application – A&G Connection – is a relatively new player in the business world, this utility fits neatly in the profile and expertise of the company. To put it simply, career consultancy, mentoring for small companies, online research and app dev are exactly their cup of tea. The Brooklyn based developer has the knowledge to help its customers discover hidden or less obvious but nevertheless exciting opportunities and a short browsing of their website is generally enough to understand that you are dealing with professionals. It is necessary to note that Career Cat is the second application developed by A&G Connection, the first one being Career Buddy 123.


In addition to the extensive job database provided by Career Cat, the interface is the second trump card of the application. Essentially, you are dealing with one, if not the most, easy to utilize and user friendly career hunting tools. The main screen of Career Cat includes a brief overview of its potential and lets users know that answering a few questions enables them to determine the optimal career in the field of their choice. Afterwards, the user selects the domain and the education level in order to view a neat list of careers, each with a wide array of details regarding salary, responsibilities, so on and so forth.

A quick look at its main features

  • The interface of Career Cat makes the job listings easy to surf irrespective of your research skills
  • The 12 fields of work include a comprehensive amount of information
  • You gain entry to 340+ of the most popular but also less known opportunities
  • The details regarding the remuneration of each position is determined based on fresh national statistics
  • A great deal of detailed information is available, offering you the “insider view” on the job that you are interested in
  • The Career Cat app is designed exclusively for the iOS 6.0 and in order to utilize it you will need to have either an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone
  • Lightweight, the application requires only 7.5 Mb of storage
  • Career Cat is currently available on iTunes for the price of $1.99 (search in the Reference tab)


The key advantage of the application is definitely the ability to understand the full implications of different careers thanks to the extensive data it provides. Basically, rather than taking a decision regarding your future job on the “it sounds so cool” criterion, you can actually read the benefits and the setbacks associated with it. Keep in mind that switching careers later on is a very costly and risky move, since you would have to acquire the skills/education while also keeping the cash cow during the transition. On the other hand, if you can factor in all the variables beforehand, you can make the right call the first time.


Since it’s only in its infancy (version 1.0) A&G Connection still has loads of job opportunities to include in the Career Cat listings. However, they promise to release the 2.0 version in the near future.

In a nutshell

An excellent addition to every career hunter’s arsenal, Career Cat is the kind of app that can help you get a better understanding of the job market of today and therefore, reap all the benefits available for your interests and education level. In other words, knowing exactly what the value of the cards you hold is will allow you to pick the very best career for you, from both the financial and job satisfaction viewpoints.


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