When Google took the Motorola company under its wing, many fans of the brand and several self-proclaimed experts on the IT world expected to see a “wowing” product being released right away. While nobody is actually denying the fact that it would be great to witness the rebirth of Motorola through some neatly designed, innovative gadgets that would once again revolutionize communications and the way we perceive technology, that is probably not going to happen anytime soon.

You see, that was never Google’s intention in the first place and, if you actually paid attention to what their spokespeople said when the takeover occurred, you would realize that the current strategy for Motorola is “slow and steady wins the race”. Let’s elaborate.

A brief overview of the takeover history

Google has acquired Motorola back in 2012 and they knew exactly what they were buying. The obligations that came with the territory had to be met, that is a mandatory part of the transition planned for their new subsidiary. The inherited pipeline will require quite a bit of time before it can be fully “drained” and there is really no sense rushing the process. Google chooses to play it safe for the time being in order to avoid blowback and that alone is the main reason why customers should expect decent, quality products from the collaboration, but nothing revolutionary really.

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A more recent take on things from Patrick Pichette

If some viewers expected the chief financial officer of the corporation to swallow his words and badmouth Motorola for its lack of progress and ineptitude in terms of innovation, they must have been highly disappointed. Pichette didn’t really bring any new piece of information to the game, he did not admit that the acquisition of Motorola was a bad move, he did not criticize.

What he actually did was reiterate the original statement from the days of 2012. Pichette stated that at this point they are fully aware of the fact that in spite of the above-decent quality of the inherited products, nothing can be cataloged as “transformative”, which after all is the trademark of Google. He also reminded viewers that Motorola is going through a difficult transition phase, but that Google is and has always been very optimistic about its odds.

Bits and pieces

One cannot really say that Motorola has not managed to bring ANY innovative product to the game. Just look at the original Droid, the phone that virtually gave birth to the modern Android-based smartphones, with a little help from Verizon’s marketing team of course.

At the same time, the 3,300 mAh accumulator installed on the Droid RAZR MAXX has redefined the standard in battery lifespan. But, from a larger viewpoint, most of their products have fallen behind the ones of their competition and that is what Google is trying to fix right now, one pipeline at a time.

Google’s other feats raise expectations, perhaps a bit too highly 

Let’s not forget for a second that Google is a corporation that has really left its mark on the world. Inventions like the Google Cars, Google Maps, recently the Google Glass and many other have shaped the future of technology in unimaginable ways. Some of you might remember driving down in unfamiliar locations with the outdated paper map unfolded all over the dashboard, trying to guess the optimal route. Now you have an application that provides real time details of the road, calculates routes, the ETA, all at the touch of a button (or screen, in this case). Do you see why the future Motorola products have such a hard time living up to the expectations? Nevertheless, we are all confident that when the time comes, Google will take the wheel and everyone will witness Motorola’s fabled rise from the ashes.

Potential directions

The limited information provided by Google makes guessing Motorola’s next big thing virtually impossible. It may be the Motorola X, who can tell? The lack of details however, does not sit well with the supporters of the company, as neither the Wall Street backers nor the established reviewers are known to be very patient individuals. So Google, care to tell us your game or will you leave us in the dark a bit longer?

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