Nowadays there is a plethora of default lock replacement apps on the market with functionality so extensive that they can easily fall under the category of productivity apps. Sulia Quick Launch is a perfect example in this case, as this neat little application developed by Conduit features a bundle of utilities that can be accessed directly via the lock screen. In fact, the developers have also created a more socially oriented variant of this app, but let’s stick to the subject at hand. What Sulia Quick Launch stands for is an extensive usability as well as a clean and easy to comprehend interface. Right from the first moments of downloading it you will start asking yourself how you ever managed your Android smartphone without it.


Conduit Inc is at this point a well known application developer that has approached a variety of niches. The 2.1 billion of smartphone users who employ their applications on a daily basis stand proof for the reliability and effectiveness of the solutions created by Conduit. From Conduit Mobile to Disney Movie Songs, from rev.U to Solarstone, from U Mobile to Takeo Spikes and now Sulia, the developer has established itself as an authority on the Android app market. This one just goes to show you their commitment towards simplifying and at the same time enhancing the Android smartphone experience.


Sulia is ALL ABOUT the interface, as that’s basically 90% of what the application does, namely replace the conventional lock screen with an improved version. First of all, in the lower section of the display, you will notice the moveable lock icon that, when tapped opens up the standard option list, namely Phone/Camera/Unlock/Messages.

Nothing new here, except that its function changes when, instead of tapping it, you drag it from its position to the upper left corner of the display where the unlock button is. Doing this opens up a new menu featuring the 5 recently utilized app! That is definitely one of the most useful widgets an app in this category to implement and the fun doesn’t stop here. The upper half of the display accommodates a settable two-way news carrousel. You can choose 4 news categories to receive updates from and browse through the categories by swiping up-down. To view the news updates in a certain category, you can simply swipe left-right. And, as a bonus, you can also add the Facebook/Tweeter updates to the category carousel.

A quick look at its main features

  • An innovative way to harness the full potential of the lock screen
  • Several features that make receiving news and social network updates easy and pleasant
  • The list of topics that will be displayed in the upper section can be customized by the user
  • The innovative interface can become second nature in a matter of minutes
  • Sulia features a search bar above the news update carousel which redirects you to the browser when tapped


The biggest quality of Sulia Quick Launch is that it makes performing tasks on your Android very, very convenient. For instance, while the list of 5 recently used apps at the touch – to be read drag – of a button is not the invention of wheel, in this context it can be regarded as a stroke of genius. Furthermore, browsing the news that you are interested in and switching the topics is fast and convenient, so you can safely state that it beats established news portals at their own game. Lastly, the addition of social networks in the carousel basically completes the catalog of updates you will ever need to browse on your mobile.


Not a lot of negative thoughts on Sulia, but there are certain small glitches with Facebook/Twitter posts, namely that while for the former one you can only see the photos posted by your friends, the latter displays text posts exclusively. At the same time, users don’t have a lot of options in choosing the app to browse these networks.

In a nutshell

Except for the necessary improvements on the social network part, Sulia Quick Launch constitutes an excellent alternative for the standard screen lock of your Android smartphone, especially if you always like to stay updated with the latest news, irrespective of the topic.


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