If you are a fan of benchmarks and performance comparison tests, then we have some good news for you: 3DMark, the most renowned graphic performance tool for desktop is now available for Android tablets and smartphones. With mobile technology quickly advancing, it’s not a secret to anyone that soon enough – maybe in just a couple of years – 3D will know an exponential increase for tablets and smartphones as well. In fact, at the rate things are going right know, it is safe to assume that it won’t be long before you will carry a mobile device just as powerful as the Xbox in your pocket.


The developer of the app is none other than Futuremark, a Finland-based company well known for its quality products and benchmarks that make measuring, managing and understanding hardware performance easy for everyone. Having a close business relationship with international tech companies like Dell, Intel, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Gygabyte or NVidia to name a few, Futuremark currently holds the largest hardware performance database that integrated feedback and results submitted by millions of users worldwide.


Considering that it is designed for testing the 3D capability of your Android mobile device, the interface of the app raises up to your expectations. In addition, the info is presented in the form of intuitive and attractive graphic bars.

A quick look at its main features

  • 3DMark is able to output two graphical and one physical test on your Android device
  • Features the Ice Storm 2.0 benchmark to test the graphic abilities of 3D capable smartphones and tablets
  • Integrates the Ice Storm Extreme, which is a benchmark designated for the latest gadgets
  • It permits you to compare the results with a wide array of hardware, including Windows and iOS devices
  • The app was designed to be compatible with most Android devices (over 1,000 as stated by the developer)
  • 3DMark is intuitive and the results are easy to comprehend, even without extensive technical knowledge
  • The app’s basic addition is free of charge and provides a full set of features that any benchmark fan would be satisfied with
  • In order to install it on your device you will need 300 MB free space, 1 GB of RAM  and OpenGL 2.0 graphics


At a closer look, you will discover that 3DMark is more than the average application typically used to test the performance of your device. As many satisfied users pointed out, the app offers a wide range of information about the gadget, from metrics, scores, FPS for different apps or how well it performed to how your device SHOULD perform when compared to the same models in the database.

In order to learn the full set of leaderboards for your Android device, you can utilize two designated benchmarks, namely Ice Storm and IS Extreme. The first is practically an OpenGL testing that employs a static off-screen rendering tool at a scale of 720p. After producing the optimal scaling for your gadget, it compares it with the one present on your device and offers the results. If you are concerned about the accuracy of the benchmark tests, then it is sufficient to state that the app evaluates both the GPU and the CPU of your device before it presents the results.

As you probably guessed, the Ice Storm Extreme takes the off-screen rending higher, to 1080p, and utilizes better quality post-processing effects and textures. In short, it is designed to work with the newest devices released on the market.


Futuremark’s latest creation is currently available only for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Android devices with a minimum OS version of 3.1. In other words, even if you have a top of the line mobile device you will still need to make sure your gadget meets the minimum requirements, so that the app runs smoothly. Essentially, unless you have a device with OpenGL 2.0 compatible and 1 GB of RAM on your tablet or smartphone, you won’t be able to take advantage of the benchmark application.

In a nutshell

In spite of the fact that it is relatively large for a mobile device app, this is a minor setback for true fans of benchmark testing. Integrating a wide array of features and a great customer support service, 3DMark is all you will ever need for evaluating and comparing the performance of your Android device against potential alternatives.

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