Good news for users who signed up for Google’s I/O conference last year: the company has confirmed that the Glass Explorer program has reached its next phase and has confirmed that the long-awaited Google Glass entered production. Not only that, but Google representatives have also announced that the innovative devices will be ready for shipping immediately. For the time being, fans and curious users alike can check out Google Glass’s website and learn how to order the groundbreaking gadget.


An overview of the features

The latest update as found on the Google Glass website specifies that the device can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. In addition, the gadget will have a fun companion dubbed MyGlass to act as a guide for users, an app that is rumored to have a similar interface to the advanced search tool Google Now. The other features you will get to enjoy from this technology include:

  • Adjustable nosepads built from durable, yet flexible materials and made to fit perfectly on the user’s face
  • A high resolution display which Google states is the equivalent of the 25-inch HD screen
  • A 5 MP camera able of creating videos in 720p
  • The audio quality is ensured by a bone conduction transducer
  • Integrates two connectivity channels, namely Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Comes with 16 GB of storage space
  •  12 out of 16 GB are usable memory where users can store pics, text and media files
  • The estimated battery life is of one day, given that you don’t use the Google Glass for battery intense apps
  • Features a Micro USB cable and charger (included with the device)
  • It is compatible with Android Ice Cream Sandwich or a newer OS

The ups and downs

Packing a combination of HUD, 5 megapixel camera, a jack and a GPS, this smart pair of glasses takes the wearable technology from the smart watches on step further. While it is designed to look like a pair of bona fide glasses, the device does not feature lenses, but rather integrates a heads-up display right above the right eye powered by batteries. What makes the gadget stand out in front of smartphones, tablets and smart watches is the voice command that allows you to perform a wide array of tasks, from taking pictures, conduct a Google search, translate a voice or send a message by simply talking into the microphone.

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It is important to note that the voice command is actually a wild card considering that it is hard to anticipate whether the function will work efficiently when the user is in noisy environments, for instance. At the same time, Google has mentioned in the recent press conference that extensive wearing of the gadget might lead to headaches or eyestrains. Lastly, in spite of the fact that the materials are robust, solid and flexible, the glass is not “indestructible” so users should handle them with care.

Google Glass is real, but only few will get to enjoy it for now

Unfortunately, unless you were a proud participant of Google’s I/O conference or you pre-ordered a pair of reality-augmenting devices, you won’t be able to get your hands on the geeky gadget so easily. In addition, as some soon-to-be happy Google Glass owners pointed out, all you have to do is call the number listed in the email, provide the operator with your unique code and decide whether you want to pick them up yourself or have them shipped. Lastly, you should find something interesting to do in order to pass the time until the Google Glass arrives.

Google confirmed that there are approximately 2,000 users who will get to enjoy Google Glass by the end of the year and possibly, by summer. However, you shouldn’t despair even if you don’t count yourself among the conference participants, as the price of the Google Glass has not been announced it. To put it simply, in spite of the fact that they pre-ordered the device, there is a high chance some people might not follow through with their purchase especially if the price will be around $1,500. On a side note, it is hard to believe that even in these circumstances a client will opt out of the purchase or that the price of the device will remain this high once it hits mass production.

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