Following the stunning success with iOS mobile devices and after it made its way to the top of the favorite calendar apps for iPhones and iPads, Agenda made a shy debut on the Android market in January 2013. While developers tried to impress diehard Android fans by offering a resizable widget, the app had some problems at first and numerous users complained about sudden crashes. Fortunately, with the latest update it received in April, the most common crash issues have been addressed, whereas the default and visible calendars are now clearly indicated.


The developer behind the app is none other than Savvy Apps, a mobile agency group that militates for the creation of quality apps that bring unbridled functionality. The successful app they have designed for well-known companies like PBS and NFL stand proof of that. Not to mention that due the quality of their work, the developer’s apps can be found regularly on Apple Store.


Built for practicality, the app’s interface is nothing more – and nothing less – than black text on a white background. Given the standards for Android UIs these days and the fact that almost all similar apps feature incredible interfaces, some even replicating real-world objects, Agenda’s developers preferred another approach, namely designing a minimalistic tool that would actually look like the agenda you typically use at the office. In short, if you’re a fan of the discreet UIs, then this is the right calendar app for you. The only colorful thing you will ever see on Agenda consists of the dot that points out to the event’s parent calendar.

A quick look at its main features

  • Simple, yet practical layout that allows you to see the event at a glance
  • Agenda also features views for week, month and year events
  • The developers have included a resizable widget, meaning that you can customize the display exactly as you wish on your mobile device
  • The app features the fastest event creation, especially since unlike other similar apps you don’t have to go through several repeats and confirmation options
  • Integrates a “jump to day” option that allows you to see the events scheduled on a date of choice
  • Changing views is a seamless process that can be done with quick and smooth gestures and swipes
  • Agenda Calendar permits you to integrate URLs and email addresses when you create or edit events
  • Thanks to the new update, the app now comes with 24 hour mode support
  • The app allows you to create events, even when the app is off
  • Agenda is able to sync with Google Calendar and Exchange


Leaving the modest interface aside for a second, you will be happy to learn that Agenda is able to perform the most important functions for this type of app perfectly. In other words, all the tools integrated in the app – navigation, create event, edit event and settings – can be accessed easily with a simply tap on the “+” sign. In addition to the create event feature which is always visible, a further advantage of the app is the clear and concise method of displaying information. To put it simply, the display takes the shape of a list and allows the easy and quick viewing of the pending events scheduled for the day.


The app has a minor issue that many users believe it will be addressed in the next update patch. The problem here is that when you swipe to a certain month and then want to see a specific week, the app will only display the said month’s week. However, you can reach the desired week or day if instead of swiping, you just tap on the week or day you want to access.

In a nutshell

Without a doubt, the app could benefit from several improvements if the developers want to capture the hearts of Android fans. Nonetheless, given the Agenda Calendar’s recent entrance in this niche and the fact that its creators addressed most issues relatively quickly, it is sufficient to say that the application has a lot of potential. In essence, it is highly functional, doesn’t consume too much of the devices’ resources and permits fast event creation, which is an essential feature for all users interested in organizing their time better and becoming more productive.

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