Given the rapid advancements in the UI and OS for mobile devices it was just a matter of time before game developers came up with the online multiplayer applications. While critics view it as an unsuccessful copy of the more famous Gears of War, the truth is that the original Shadowgun marked a milestone for the future console- quality mobile games. In the newest 2.0 update that it received at the beginning of April, Shadowgun has managed to change the way of playing online multiplayer shooters on the mobile and redefined what innovation means in this field, as you are about to find out.


The developer of this revolutionary shooter is none other than Madfinger Games, a Czech Republic based mobile game company who is also the proud creator of other fantastic games like Dead Trigger, Bloody Xmas and the Samurai II series.


Since it was created on the amazing Unity engine, it was expected for the new DeadZone to come with the same graphical “majesty” as its predecessor. And as if the moody-colored lighting and high-end rendering effects were not enough, Madfinger decided to introduce a complex manual graphic setting menu, a feature highly appreciated in the gamer community. However, it is necessary to mention that the high-end graphics also bring along certain system requirements, namely at least 512 RAM and Android 3.0+ in order to run smoothly on your device.


The controls are quite intuitive for anyone who is familiar with the original Shadowgun or who is a fan of the shooter genre, for that matter. As many players point out the default layout that features weapon swap, move left/right, throw grenades, reload, run or sprint is quite comfortable. However, if the display does not really fit in your style, then rest assured you can easily drag the action buttons wherever you want from the setting menu. Because the touchscreen is still far from the accuracy of a mouse, the developers also integrated a control position and adjustment feature to simplify the play.


In spite of the fact that Shadowgun DeadZone features only two modes – Deadmatch and the Zone Control – it is necessary to mention that they feel like separate games. Irrespective of the mode you prefer, the play style and the mechanics of the game are essentially the same.

A quick look at its main features

  • Intense multiplayer combat
  • You can test your skills versus 12 players connected online
  • You can choose between 10 playable characters
  • The new patch introduced roll and sprint controls for a more authentic shooter feeling
  • Real-time multiplayer voice chat
  • A wide arsenal that includes anything from assault weapons and sniper rifles to plasma guns and rocket launchers
  • All weapons available in the game are upgradable
  • Besides weapons, you can also get an advantage via items such as medikits, frag grenades, mines and sentry guns
  • Like any respectable multiplayer, DeadZone features daily challenges and rewards
  • The new patch introduced 4 new maps
  • A tutorial mode to help novices get accustomed to the controls and play style
  • It is available in 8 languages


From the huge progression system and the distinct style of the two game modes to the fact that you can select and use a wide variety of weapons and the impressive setting customization options, everything counts as an incentive for an old-school shooter fan.


In all honesty, the deathmatches featured in this shooter are extremely difficult and the main reason for it stems from the lack of precision of the touchscreen. While we admit it does live up to the standards of a classic shooter deathmatch, we must also confess that unless you are gaming on Sony’s Experia Play you will find the overall experience chaotic and frustrating.

In a nutshell

Even though accuracy in this context is hard to achieve and some users have reported latency issues, let’s not forget that DeadZone has been recently launched out of beta. In addition, as it can be observed from the latest patch the developers are actually putting in an effort to fix the bugs and make the gameplay more enjoyable. For now, the only thing fans can hope for is that Madfinger will follow in Valve’s footsteps.

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