In the eventuality that you feel your SD and your Android device’s storage capabilities are simply not enough for your needs, then one great alternative to consider is Box. Let’s see what this web-based storage solution can do for you, shall we?


Founded in 2005, Box managed to make it to the top by sticking to a simplistic, yet powerful principle: in an age when mobile devices reign supreme, people want and should be provided with a solution to access and share files and content whenever they want. Working closely with over 150 platform partners over these past 8 years, it appears that the developer managed to turn this dream into reality.


The interface is quite simple, intuitive and irrespective of your previous experience with online storage, you will be able to figure out very quickly how to set the application. The simple fact that you don’t have to download anything locally ensures that in just a few minutes you will know the ins and outs of Box.

A quick look at its main features

  • The app allows you to access, edit, share and manage files directly on your Android phone or tablet
  • It is compatible with 75 types of files
  • The rich media files are available, but the preview option is only available for the app’s enterprise version
  • Box integrates top notch security features such as auto logout, file-level encryption and passcode
  • Thanks to the high security options, you can now send large files that feature links without any risk
  • The built-in search permits you to find the files you need fast and easy
  • Allows you to sync files to your desktop
  • The app automatically adds an icon to the files when the document has received an update
  • Box allows you to store content from over 50 applications in the cloud
  • Provides support for Google Apps and Gmail
  • The files can also be stored on the device’s SD for later offline viewing
  • Comes with shared access control so you can grant and limit access to files and links
  • By downloading Box you win 5 GB of free cloud storage space



True enough Box is not as capable or as rich in features as the notorious Dropbox. However, let’s not forget that the app has its own trump cards, including that amazing file syncing option between mobile and PC, the extended support for most types of files, those excellent collaboration tools as well as the new shared access control. In addition, it is necessary to mention that the developers have started quite an interesting campaign since November 2012. To put it simply, they decided to give away 5 GB of free cloud storage space for all new members.

On a side note, Box has an even more tempting offer for all Nexus 4 users, namely the 50 GB cloud storage, an incentive that is hard to resist. However, before you get dressed and head to the closest gadget shop, it is necessary to mention that the developers have set some limitations on the size of the files you can upload. While many of us will find the 250 MB limit more than plenty, if you want to be able to upload larger files up to 1 GB, then take a look at the personal paid accounts packages.


The main setback of the app is the fact that it doesn’t feature any of the traditional backup capabilities. In other words, since Box is essentially a web-based application, you don’t have a local client to automatically backup the files. What this means in practice is that you will need to manually upload your files to your account and save them yourself. However, once they’re uploaded they are easily accessible and you can edit and sync them each time you need to.

In a nutshell

Judging by the trump cards and limitations, it is safe to assume that Box addressed mainly two types of customers, namely the home users who don’t really need too much storage space or a plethora of file management features and the companies with multiple users. If you count yourself in any of the aforementioned categories, then it doesn’t hurt to check this app out.

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