In case you had any doubts, the Google 7 Nexus released last year shed some light on the issue: with the growing popularity of tablets worldwide, it became obvious that people want a simple way to manage text messages from their tablets. With tablets getting thinner and smaller with each new launch, Openmind decided to answer the heeds of the people and released an amazing application that can connect your tablet with your smartphone. Dinamotxt is just the app to sync your devices and finally make your tablet feel “complete”.


Boasting international clients such as Vodafone, Telenor, VimpelCom and Citic Pacific, Openmind is one of the world renowned RCS providers that need no further presentation. With operations extending to over 30 countries, the corporation has consolidated its name via the high quality telecom-grade, standard-based, legacy and future IP-based extended packages. What makes Openmind stand out in front of the competition is their constant interest in researching and developing pioneering products that not only improve worldwide communications overall, but that also account for the needs and requirements of the customers.


Everything from the layout to the menu and contact lists points out that the interface was designed with functionality in mind. Simply download the app, install it and your inbox list will get instantly populated with all the SMS messages you had on your smartphone. Browsing through the messages is extremely smooth and adheres to the standards of any high quality app designed to replace stock messaging.

In addition, Dinamotxt allows you to select a custom ringtone to assign to contacts you send to and receive messages from on a daily basis. Lastly, the pop-on notification is a great feature especially for the situation when you can’t really answer back, but you do want to leave a quick reply. Unfortunately, the inbox comes with banner ads, which even though are located at the bottom of the interface, are still quite bothersome and cannot be deleted.

A quick look at its main features

  • Once installed, the app permits you to import your contact list and inbox into the tablet
  • Dinamotxt is compatible with most connectivity options utilized by mobile gadgets, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G
  • It provides convenience, since thanks to the app now you can manage one device instead of two
  • Features SMS backup, an option that allows you to store all your message archives on the tablet
  • It incorporates the Password lock feature that ensures privacy and extra security (for devices connected to the internet)
  • Comes with 8 color themes , namely Toaster Vanilla, Pumpkin Orange, Carmine Red, Hot Pink, Voila Violet, Ash Grey and Royal Blue




In order to utilize Dinamotxt, you need to make sure that you have the app installed on both your phone and the tablet. If the devices are connected to the internet, then you can start using it right away. On the other hand, if the app doesn’t detect a connection then it will ask for your permission to turn on Bluetooth on the two gadgets. Still, it will take just a few seconds before Dinamotxt pairs and syncs the smartphone and the tablet. It is necessary to mention that once the app has done linking the devices you can turn off Bluetooth and enable it only when it is necessary.


A further feature highly appreciated by users is the back-end syncing and navigation system. It is sufficient to state the app is acting exactly as promised and you should expect nothing more and nothing less than a free and seamless way to sync SMS messages between your two mobile appliances.


Even though very functional, the interface of the application is not exactly what you would call worthy of the Android Jelly Beam. Nonetheless, the developer has heard users’ cries and added 8 brand new color themes in the app’s latest updates. Moreover, they also re-installed the old-vanilla theme that everyone was so fond of.

However, according to users, the main inconvenience of the app is that it doesn’t integrate a feature that permits you to delete threads of messages and you have to erase the SMSs manually.

In a nutshell

Apart from missing a full thread delete option and the banner ads in the inbox, Dinamotxt is an excellent free app for anyone who wants to send and receive text messages from the tablet fast and easy.

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