With over 16 million visitors each year, Disneyland was, is and will probably always remain as one of the world’s best attractions for children and adults alike. Unfortunately, not many parents have the time or the budget to schedule a family trip to the famous amusement park just so that their kids can enjoy the ultimate childhood experience. While not quite comparable to the “real thing”, the plethora of apps developed by Disney could constitute a nice alternative for families in this situation. Following is a list of the top 6 Disney apps built with entertaining and basic educational purposes in mind that can keep your children entertained for hours.

  1. It’s A Small World

If you always wanted to take your toddler to Disneyland in order for him to experience the joy of the famous “It’s a small world” boat ride but you couldn’t – due to various reasons – then the app with the same name is a great alternative. Instead of the classic boat road, the app’s primary means of transportation is a hot air balloon, but be assured the rest of the worldwide adventure is still there and presented in a realistic manner. Overall, a nice app that allows your toddler to interact with animals, characters, objects and with your guidance, you can be sure he actually learns some simple facts about cultural diversity across the globe.

  1. Puffle Launch

Featuring 60 high speed levels, an awesome penguin hero and a cranky snack-stealing crab, Puffle Launch is perhaps the most entertaining apps created by Club Penguin so far. While it is true that the app is oriented more towards fun rather than education, it is necessary to mention that your child could learn about momentum, gravity and motion with your help. And, thanks to the app’s fast pace, they will get to practice their decision making and strategic thinking skills.

  1. Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water is essentially an easy, casual puzzle game that challenges children to figure out how to remove the obstacles so that clear water is once more delivered to Swampy’s shower. Even though the app encourages your children to use their special recognition and problem-solving abilities, kids will enjoy the amazing underlying story, the fun, cartoon-style interface and frankly, all the captivating elements that they prefer in a game app. Not to mention that Swampy the Alligator is quite an interesting character who engages players to finish levels just to learn his story.

  1. Where’s My Perry?

Developed on the same idea and mechanics as the story of Swampy, Where’s My Perry is more challenging and requires some very basic knowledge of physics and chemistry. In addition, unlike the aforementioned app, the mission provided by Disney’s secret agent Perry will become more difficult as the player advances in levels. To put it simply, while in the first levels you will be asked to solve the puzzle by attaching the right receptacles together to make the water flow, later on you will need to transform the liquid into steam or ice.

  1. Temple Run: Brave

If your child loves adventure and is a big fan of Indiana Jones movies, then he will surely get a kick out of Disney’s Temple Run: Brave. The storyline of the game revolves around the well-known redhead from Disney’s Brave, Merida who is being chased by the giant bear Mordu. Naturally, the player’s objective is to help the heroine escape the beast by jumping all sorts of obstacles. By completing an archery mini-game, players get to collect coins and will be able to upgrade Merida’s costumes and gain various power-ups.

  1. Wreck-It Ralph

Based on the movie with the same name, Wreck-It Ralph is basically an app where all beloved cartoon characters come to life only during night time. The story spins around Ralph, a decades-old video game character that is being constantly ridiculed and who sets off on an adventure to prove everyone that there’s more to him that meets the eye. All in all, the game app is quite a successful adaptation that captures the environments and story of the movie accurately. However, given that the game also implies completing a lot of platforms and mazes, it is safe to assume it addresses older children and even adults more than toddlers.

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