While you might have guessed from its name that this is a racing game, it is necessary to mention that the style is completely different from other games in this genre. To put it simply, even though the objective of the game is to win the race, there are no rules to follow and the violence displayed in the game is not for the faint of heart. Sure, there aren’t any machine guns, rocket launchers, guns or mortar and the combat relies on your car. Still, there’s a lot of mayhem you can create with a vehicle!


Mostly known for Carmageddon, Stainless Games Ltd is an established video game developer located on the South Coast of the UK. In fact, the company is the leading developer for a wide variety of console and PC games – from classic arcade to 3D action games – In Europe.


The game is developed on the same platform as its older PC version, so you won’t be very impressed with Carmageddon’s 1990s interface. While the cars and the tracks are 3D, the rest of the elements in the environment are pixilated. Still, the display for doing damage holds fairly well and is consistent so that you know whether you hit an opponent or a pedestrian. Not to mention that fans of Doom will surely become nostalgic with the animation for running over cows.

Depending on how well you performed during the race, you will be able to watch short hilarious videos. Speaking of sound, the music is repetitive and can get tiresome after a while, although we can’t help but feeling that the instrumental metal along with pedestrian screams, screeching tires and drivers “cheering” fit the game like a glove.


While it does give you the impression of a Destruction Derby at first, the main difference is that in Carmageddon you are allowed to jump over the fence and run over the audience. The aim of the game is straightforward: drive through the check points a predetermined number of times and win the race while also running over pedestrians or destroying your opponent’s cars. If you don’t finish the race before the time is out, then you can gain more points by driving over pedestrians, so rest assured you have some trump cards to win the race.

A quick look at its main features

  • You will go head to head against 28 dangerous and deranged opponents
  • Enjoy an exhilarating action in one of the 11 environments filled with incredible special effects
  • If feel you’re in the mood for something more aggressive, then try any of the 36 levels in career mode
  • By wrecking and outracing your opponents you will unlock 30 more playable cars
  • Versatile control method, including tilt, digital or mix’n’match
  • The controls of the game can be further customized to your liking in the preference menu
  • Comprehensive action replay system
  • You can unlock new cars and races with in game currency
  • Can be played on both smartphones and tablets


If you had a chance to try out the 1997 PC version of Carmageddon before it was banned, then believe us you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of nostalgia. Even though the Android version of the game comes with the same graphics and sound, you will race over numerous huge and clever courses. And, considering that there is plenty of content to unlock, including a special car, you won’t get bored too soon with this game.


Although quite an interesting game for all Android users in the mood for some adrenaline, it is necessary to mention that iPhone users will enjoy some extra features, such as game center integration, movie editing , iCloud support, leaderboards and achievements.

In a nutshell

Carmageddon is certainly a game that lives up to its name. Extremely bloody and violent, sometimes you have no other choice than to run through masses of pedestrians to gain some extra time in order to win the race. If you have been playing shooters for a sufficient amount of time to get over the fact that you are leaving dozens of characters pushing daisies in your wake, then it would be a pity not to try out this piece of gaming history.

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