In case you enjoy the capabilities of your smartphone, but you have a hard time adjusting to the on-screen keyboard, then you might want to download Swype. What makes the app special is that users no longer have to tap; they can writer easier by dragging their fingers over the screen. Featuring a bundle of cloud-syncing dictionaries, providing support for over 60 languages and learning your style from the social media updates you post regularly, Swype is a great tool that will completely change the way you type.


Nuance Communication is a developer focused on creating mobile solutions where the use of voice command is as natural and intuitive as possible. In fact, the company is the first to develop the best speech technology in the world. In spite of the fact that Nuance created the first touchscreen keyboard, they are constantly trying to improve the ability of machines to recognize and simulate human voice. Strongly believing in the fact that machines should adapt to the way people communicate and not vice versa, we consider the $1.4 billion sales registered in 2011 speak for themselves.


At first, the interface appears to be nothing more than a sleeker version of the smartphones’ keyboards. However, as you test the application further you realize just how fun and innovative it can be. For instance, typing is done by swiping your fingers across the letters to form a word. The completed word appears in its rightful place in the text and is followed by space, which is automatically introduced by the app. In case you want to edit parts of the text then the app redirects you to the pasting and editing shortcuts.

A quick look at its main features

  • Living Language is an optional feature that ensures all dictionaries integrated in the cloud receive regular updates
  • Personal Language Model makes the app the smartest of its kind because it predicts the words you are about to type based on your personal history
  • Thanks to the Advanced and Dynamic Language Models as well as the latest XT9 algorithm, Swype provides accurate predictions (even better than SwiftKey)
  • The backup and syncing features are a guarantee that you can utilize your favorite dictionaries and words on any preferred device
  • The app integrates a Smart Editor that analyzes the words in the text and offers suggestions when it determines that another word is more suitable in the context
  • The Smart Editor feature also enables the app to assess both before and after words and offers better replacement options
  • Swype can adapt to the way you type and in time learns to eliminate the keys you swipe over accidentally
  • Incorporates a top of the line speech to text option so you can dictate your messages; the features is dubbed Dragon and is available in 36 languages
  • Integrates a proactive assistant with location sharing capabilities (Dragon Mobile Assistant)
  • Swype can also be used for your tablet and includes 3 modes, split keyboard, original keyboard and a movable keyboard
  • Comes with 60 downloadable keyboard languages and 36 dictation languages
  • With Swype you can speak, type, write and swipe at the same time
  • The app is available with 13 keyboard themes



Perhaps the best thing about Swype is that it grows with you, meaning that the longer you utilize the app, the better and smarter it gets. Learning from the texts you usually type, the app will soon amaze you with its mind-reading capabilities.

Dragon is a further noteworthy feature from Swype. The speech to text option doesn’t require any tedious setup and is able to recognize over 36 dialects from across the world. And, thanks to Living Language, the dictionaries get constantly updated.


If you want to write a text containing both letters and numbers, then you will have to switch between the modes. In addition, the speech to text software isn’t exactly a strong point of the app, particularly since you will have to edit a fair amount of the text.

In a nutshell

Because Swype is a powerful and versatile app that provides you with all the tools to input text in any way that works for you, it is definitely worth checking out.

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