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Regardless of whether you’re a regular patron of the local karaoke clubs or if you’re a musician, chances are that at least once your humming lead you to believe you have created the song to end all songs. Unfortunately, since you couldn’t record it and nobody heard you, that moment of inspiration was lost. Even worst, now you can’t remember what you were humming about despite your best efforts.

Thanks to ScoreCleaner Notes, you no longer have to live with the frustration that all your moments of inspiration slip into nothingness. Moreover, you will always have a handy tool at your disposal that can help you make your musical vision a reality.


The app was developed by Sven Ahlbäck and Sven Emtell. Ahlbäck is currently a fiddle playing professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Widely known in his country for his outstanding music, Sven is more than a musician; he took interest in understanding musical communication and wrote a doctoral thesis on it. While Sven Emtell is also a practicing avid musician and accomplished bass player, he preferred to pursue a career as an engineer at the Royal Academy of Technology. Together they’re working on an interesting project to produce the unified digital model of music cognition, the ScoreCleaner Notes.


Simple and clean, the interface contains two main windows. The first one – displayed as a microphone – is activated when you attempt to record a tune, while the second one shows the notated version of what you just sang. In the lower part of the interface, you will notice two buttons that change according to your action. To put it simply, from the “humming” interface you can start recording or access the archive, whereas the other window features the play and settings buttons.

A quick look at its main features

  • An intelligent app that allows you to correctly interpret rhythm, time signature, tempo, pitch and other meters
  • The data is displayed via the monophonic audio recording
  • With ScoreCleaner Notes you can find the most convenient storage for your songs, including in cloud storage
  • The in-app storage space is of 4 songs, but you can save as many as you want in the cloud storage
  • If you have room, you can also store your songs on your mobile device
  • By creating a cloud account, you will get access to syncing options so you can make modifications on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop later on
  • Can support a wide array of instruments
  • You can listen to the original playback or you can play a MiDi piano sound version of the recording
  • The recording is just as good even when you’re in noisy environments
  • Tracking free rhythm, composite meters, syncopation and many more, there is no limit to the musical styles this app can track
  • Once you composed a tune, you can give it a title and share it with your friends on social networks or email
  • Viewing and listening to your song is done via a web browser


Considering that the app allows you to notate any tune without having a musical background, the idea behind this amazing application is pure genius. In fact, all you have to do is hum into your device’s mic and the app will automatically display all tempo, rhythm, pinch and any other useful information in a notated version. And, perhaps best of all, you don’t need advanced musical knowhow or a lot of experience in order to use the app!


The problem with this app comes from the fact that once your tune is recorded in the notated version, you will have trouble finding or recognizing it unless you have some musical experience. Nonetheless, you don’t need to know how to interpret music in order to use the app correctly.

In a nutshell

Irrespective of whether you’re a professional musician or an amateur who only sings once per week at the karaoke night, if you love music then ScoreCleaner Notes is certainly an app you’ll find useful. Very easy to use and not requiring extensive knowledge in the musical field, the app is a great tool for all those who want to test out their creative mind’s limits.

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