Announced with bells and whistles, the launch of the BB10 did stir up some hype among tech fans. Even though BlackBerry is no longer the fast-paced manufacturer it used to be and despite the fact that their smartphone can’t really compete with Samsung Galaxy S4, they are not ready to admit defeat just yet. In fact, both Verizon and T-Mobile have announced the launch of the BlackBerry Q10 last month.

The reason why the Q10 didn’t make the headlines

The long-anticipated Q10 launch was also announced at the company’s annual conference held in Florida a couple of weeks ago. However, the hot news of day weren’t the features of their new smartphone, but rather the fact that they intend to offer their patented BBM instant messages on other platforms.

Blackberry N10

Simply put, the BlackBerry Enterprise Services, a feature that is currently available for customers with BB devices, can now be used on non-BlackBerry devices within corporate and government networks. What makes their BES stand out in the crowd is the embedded tech that routes data securely though open networks, a feature that is highly valued among government agencies and corporations who need extra security. And frankly, in spite of the best efforts of Apple and Samsung to create a similarly efficient and secure service, the BES is still number one in its niche.

Not surprisingly, the company also promises the same level of security for the data. Still, fans of BB instant messaging services can only take advantage of the secure infrastructure across all devices in the second half of the year. In addition, some envious experts have even suggested that the BES 10.1 announcement was not made accidentally and is in fact a method they came up with to boost the sales of the new Q10.

They have big plans with the new Q10

While not as hot as the BES on non-BlackBerry devices, the details on the new smartphone that will be launched at T-Mobile on the 5th of May this year left the impression that they want to start playing with the big boys now. As BB’s chief executive stated, mobile devices are in his team’s DNA and the new Q10 will mark a new dawn in the era of mobile computing. This is why the company has set an important and realistic goal for the next couple of years, namely to secure the 3rd place in the mobile market.

With the personal computer era coming to an end and smartphones packing more processing power than ever, BlackBerry plans to take advantage of that and eventually assume the leading role. Interestingly enough, they also proved this point during a BB10 software demonstration: the QNX core has reached the point when it can control complex machines and operate numerous functions in a modern vehicle. Still, the sales have yet to confirm that they are on the right track, especially given the halfhearted response of their audience in the United States.

Companies love them

Granted, if people were forced to choose between BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices, BB is most likely going to be their last option. However, the same is not applicable for companies that have already started to install the BES platform, a service that is currently available only with the BB10 devices. An example in this case is Canada’s top bank BMO Financial Group that announced they are endorsing BlackBerry 10 as their main platform. In addition, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications in New York also confirmed that they intend to acquire 2,000 BB smartphones by this summer. Perhaps this is the explanation for the strong sales the company reported in the Middle East, Canada and the UK.


The average user should give Q10 a chance

BlackBerry’s inability to appeal to the common users comes from the devices’ rather small screen and honestly, few people can imagine themselves using a 3.1 inch screen for work purposes. However, the QWERTY layout of the new keyboard is going to be the star of the show. Featuring 35 keys and buttons with ridges and concave depressions, Q10′s keyboard is a great deal more comfortable and intuitive. In addition, the new smartphone will work on BB’s most advanced operating system; they are also known for the battery’s longevity and improved 8 MP camera.

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