Some apps are often ignored because most users don’t know what they do or simply because they don’t realize exist. Following is a list of great apps that will make your mobile experience smoother.

  1. Manilla

Manilla is all-in-one finances manager that allows you to monitor money, bills, subscriptions and rewards. Similar to a task manager, the app features document storage and reminders when a bill is due. Versatile and secure, the application is all you will ever need to manage any financial account, from the credit card to the rent on you apartment.

  1. BSPlayer

The biggest advantage of the video player is that it’s dependable on your Android hardware. Therefore, with BSPlayer you can be sure to watch any types of media files, including large ones, with reduced battery consumption. In addition, the app permits you to stream media files via WiFi straight from your shared drives and folders.

  1. SwipePad

In all fairness, any Android user would prefer to make calls or access other apps while inside another application. If you find the idea useful for your daily tasks, then SwipePad is the right app for the job. As its name indicates, this is a launcher panel overlay with the role of opening any app on your Android device.

  1. App Cache Cleaner

As you download and install more apps on your device, you are also gathering more app cache and slowing down your tablet or smartphone. The App Cache Cleaner lets you clear your device’s cache memory and, since it deletes the data you don’t need, ensures the tablet or phone’s faster running.

  1. Robin

An Android’s version of Siri, Robin is an app that acts like a voice assistant and is particularly useful while on the road. From providing directions and reliable info regarding parking in a certain area to reading Twitter and Facebook news and notifications, Robin can tackle on a lot of tasks so you can keep your eyes on the road. In fact, it will even remind you of an important appointment you need to get to and makes sure you won’t be late.

  1. Opera Browser

While Chrome is an excellent browser for a mobile device, the truth is that its features pale by comparison with Opera’s Discovery option. Simply put, the feature has the role of displaying popular and new content whenever you open Opera. In the event that you want to access various favorite sites, then bookmarking them is a breeze thanks to the Speed Dial feature. Furthermore, the Off-Road mode ensures you can still download files even when you have a poor internet connection.

  1. Tasker

Regardless of whether you want to set your mobile device to ring louder so you don’t miss important calls or if you want to make sure the screen stays on while you’re reading an eBook, Tasker is the perfect app for that. The greatest thing about this app is that it permits you to set up triggers for date, time and other apps, thus allowing you to save a lot of time.

  1. PicsArt

In case you’re passionate about photography and feel like Instagram doesn’t provide you will all options you need, then you should try PicsArt. Not only does it come with numerous features for photo manipulation, borders, frames, text effects and collages, but it also allow you to apply special effects such as watercolor, stenciler or cartoonizer to name a few. A further noteworthy feature is the Draw option that allows you to draw over photos and texts.

  1. SwiftKey keyboard

If you send out messages often, then you probably want a keyboard with a smart auto-fill to save some time. Because it predicts text based on your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter updates, SwiftKey keyboard is here to enhance your typing experience. Irrespective of whether you are a fan of gesture typing or tapping, SwiftKey will surely make your life easier.

  1. ADW launcher

If you’re tired of your old Android home screen, then ADW launcher might be your answer. A highly customizable app featuring tons of themes, skins and various combinations, the app ensures you will create the home screen you always wanted.

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