Despite the fact that Android is probably the most popular mobile OS on the planet, it doesn’t automatically imply the platform is flawless. As users point out, the operating system experiences frequent declines in performance and odd notifications as well as poor battery life  due to apps running in the background. Nonetheless, as is the case with any Google creation, Android is very versatile and hence, there is a solution to all the following annoyances. Let’s explore the most common bugs and what you can do to fix them.

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  • Silly noises

Because you forget to turn on silent mode, your Android phone starts making silly noises at the most inopportune moments, such as during a job interview. One method of fixing this could be to tweak the audio settings for all apps with notifications. However, switching to silent mode is usually more convenient.

  • Slow downs

Users often notice that after a while, the phone starts working slowly and sometimes it takes forever to return to the home screen from the inbox. While your first impulse is to “fix” this issue with a hammer, the solution consists of clearing the application cache and perhaps installing a new, lighter browser.

  • Apps you don’t need

Irrespective of where you purchased your phone, as you browse through the menus you find out it comes with a bundle of apps nobody needs. The problem with some of these apps is that they continue to work in the background even though you’re not using them and hence, eat up the device’s juice. Uninstalling them is one of the potential solutions, but if this is impossible to do so, then you could simply disable them from the settings menu.

  • Short battery life

More often than not, users expect to be able to play 3D games, browse the internet and check their emails without running out of battery very quickly. However, if you utilize your tablet of smartphone intensely, you will notice that by the end of the day you need to recharge it. Prolonging your devices’ juice can be done by turning off the GPS, reducing the brightness level, disabling all unnecessary apps running in the background or, if you don’t mind voiding the warranty, undervolting the device.

  • Ugly interface

As Android users can testify, after a while you get bored of the icons, desktop and menus integrated in the OS. Moreover, although you can change the wallpaper, this is usually not enough. If you’re tired of your old interface, then the simplest solution is to get a third-party app that allows you to customize the icons and menus as you see fit.

  • Too many options

Perhaps the most appreciated feature of Android consists of the numerous options available with the share menu. The problems start arising when certain apps that nobody would normally share via Bluetooth end up higher than the ones you utilize daily. Again, this issue can be easily resolved with a third-party app.

  • Annoying lock screen feature

In spite of their amazing appearance, sometimes even that breath-taking weather widget or a shortcut can slow you down whenever you need to use the tablet or smartphone. In case the interactive lock screens become too bothersome, then you can always turn them off from the Android’s security menu.

  • Poor virtual keyboard

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Even though it happens mostly to first-time users, at times typing on the Android phone is a very frustrating experience. From constantly taping on the wrong keys to autocorrect making erroneous guesses, trying to write a message could be very annoying. If you don’t like the virtual keyboard incorporated in your device, then simply look for another third-party app with better predictive capabilities and different key layouts.

  • The links are opened with the wrong apps

Similarly to Windows, the Android includes a file association features. However, sometimes it appears to have a mind of its own. A very common situation is when the gadget tries to open documents with Documents on the Go app instead of QuickOffice, the latter also featuring editing options. To make sure this never happens again, go to the settings menu and tap on the Clear option to unassociated the file.

  • You can’t take advantage of all the new features

With Android reaching it 4.2 version, many users can barely wait to try out the new exciting apps and features. If you want to take advantage of the latest OS features then you could either discuss it with your provider or install a custom ROM, if you don’t mind voiding the warranty of course.

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