The story of who cropped up with the first smartphone design and operating system is somewhat similar to the age-old dilemma: which came first, the chicken or the egg? On one hand, we have Steve Jobs’ biography where we discover that former Apple CEO held a grudge against Google for stealing the initial iPhone design and OS platform. On the other hand, Apple can’t claim complete originality here since they too have pinched an idea or two from their competitors. Before we get into the Android-like features present in the iOS 5, let’s explore the short history of the mobile platforms first.

The iPhone story

The first iPhone that has reached the markets was launched in the summer of 2007. Back then, Steve Jobs saw the smartphone as an extension of Apple’s renowned Macs, so the iPhone’s OS is simply an ingenious variant of the Darwin. Still, the value of the iOS shouldn’t be diminished, because the iPhone’s operating system required less than 500 MB from its first version.

The Android story

Initially an operating system integrating Linux kernels and middleware key apps configured for mobile devices, Android has seen plenty of new versions ever since Google acquired the company in 2005. Currently, Android is an open development platform integrating numerous SDK tools and APIs that allow developers to design all sorts of applications using Java. Unlike the iPhone, smartphones operating on Android – particularly the newest ones – have seen important updates in the past couple of years, including flash and HTML5 support, multicall processing and color effects as well as an outstanding runtime execution of all apps in the device.

The similarities between the iOS and Android

While the battle between these two giants still rages on with no end in sight, some users have decided to dig deeper into the situation and have unraveled something quite interesting. To be more precise, over the past few years, Apple has clearly “borrowed” some of the Android’s sparkle. Granted, stealing some of your competitors’ ideas and adapting them to your own platform or design is not exactly new. However, what makes this case an attention grabber is that Apple didn’t only steal some features, but also put in quite an effort to cleverly hide them in the newest iPhone versions. Here are 3 of the Android features that are allegedly stolen from Android.

  1. Notification Dashboard

When you first turn on your brand new iPhone 5, you can’t help but notice the similarities with the Android OS. In fact, if you’re considering upgrading to iOS 5, you will notice that the notifications are no longer viewed individually, but are rather located all in the same place. Still, Apple has a lot of work to do before it can reach the performance of the Icecream Sandwich notification feature.

  1. Autocorrect keyboard

As any Apple fan will point out, the autocorrect feature on the iPhone is concealed. However, as many users noticed while tweaking their smartphones, the latest iPhone comes with a hidden keyboard where you can see the autocorrect process. Even though accessing it does require a bit of effort, tech savvies suggest that this implementation is viewed as a very desirable addition to the iOS platform.

  1. Panorama camera mode

Given that the iPhone 5 incorporates an amazing 8 megapixel camera capable of 1080 HD video, many have felt the need for a panorama mode, a mandatory feature for those breathtaking wide scenery shots. After all, most Androids with a camera over 5 megapixels include this great feature. Well, it turns out that Apple did include the panorama mode in the latest iOS, but chose to hide it in the Camera app.
androids eat apples!

Hmm, can Apple justify these changes?

When Steve Jobs was running Apple, many have accused the company for postponing numerous new product launches. Still when Apple does launch a new product, it certainly results in a worldwide wave of hysteria and fans forget all about the long wait. In an attempt to fix the issues with the delays, the new CEO, Timothy Cook has made matters worse by launching the iPhone 5 before it was fully optimized. In fact, if you check out various websites, you will learn that the iPhone 5 is classified as one of the worst iPhones released so far.

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