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Becoming a movie director and creating one of the greatest blockbusters is a thought most of us have when watching the newest Hollywood productions. Thanks to the FXGuru by Picadelic your dream of becoming a director can transform into a tangible reality. From filming an UFO invasion in your backyard to clearing up the space in your driveway by blowing up that old RV and scaring your friends by filming a scene where the whole neighborhood is destroyed by a satellite crash, a world of fun and imagination awaits you.


Picadelic is a well-known company that has been developing online and mobile media products for several years now. Regardless of whether you want to add animation to one of your photos or you want to enhance your videos with 3D effects, they’re up to the challenge.


While it is true that you can achieve many amazing things with the FXGuru app, that doesn’t automatically mean that you have to put in a lot of effort as well. In fact, all you have to do in order to add animations to pictures or integrate 3D effects into videos is select the desired special effect and start recording. Moreover, thanks to the red overlay that shows you how the elements line up, you no longer have to be afraid to experiment. After you’re done, select the appropriate filter, tweak the audio and save it on your Android device.

A quick look at its main features

  • Comes with a wide variety of FX special effects
  • The available effects include anything you can think of, from futuristic UFO first contact to natural disasters and building demolitions
  • The developers also included 7 new effects in the latest patch (satellite crash, birthday bot, TNT barrel, piano drop, UFO shuttles, dancing droids and breaking news effects)
  • Thanks to the embedded MotionMatch tech, you can add realistic movement even when you’re filming
  • The realism and atmosphere of your scenes can be further enhanced via amazing 24 cinematic filters available
  • You can now align your shots easier by following the guidelines provided by the Virtual Decals
  • By purchasing effects you’ll be granted access to HD recording
  • Some of the available special effects last over 10 seconds, so let your imagination and creativity flow freely
  • Finished content can be shared with your friends on Dropbox, Picasa, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Google+ or your personal email address


What’s impressive about the FXGuru is that this is essentially a free application that allows you to add realistic effects and breath-taking animations on images and videos you record with your Android device. The realism of the background and scenes are provided by the MotionMatch technology and can be further augmented with one of the 24 available cinematic filters.

In the event that you’re new to 3D effects and enhancing media apps, then I want to share in a little secret. In order to get those awesome special effects for that extra touch of realism, you will need to make sure that the MotionMatch is used at its full potential. Don’t worry, taking advantage of this innovative technology simply implies keeping the phone steady while shooting, recording the full duration of the effect and ensuring that you have plenty of light in the scene. On a side note, if you apply these prerequisites but don’t notice visible improvement, then it is recommended to restart your device and try again.


Call me fussy, but even though I’ve had a blast with FXGuru, after a while the novelty and excitement of adding animations and 3D effects wears off. While it is true that you can simply download more special effects, they are not free of charge and some users even consider them expensive. In the app’s defense the total sum you’ll spend on the 13 paid effects doesn’t exceed $9. Still, the majority of users state that they would prefer to pay a larger one-time fee for the app and enjoy its full potential.

In a nutshell

Without a doubt, by downloading this application you’ll certainly going to have a lot of fun with your Android device’s camera. Besides, given its current popularity on Google Play and the fact that it’s free to try, you have nothing to lose.

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