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Given the success they registered for over a year on the Apple store, Polaroid has finally released the version of their famous Polamatic to Android. Featuring its unique photo filters and manipulations in an era where digital reigns supreme, Polaroid is trying to reach out to nostalgic customers who still remember the good old days, when instant photography was considered a luxury. Despite the fact that Polamatic does stir up a bunch of mushy feelings in some of us, certain users can’t help but feel that Polaroid created another mid-range app that brings nothing new to the photo-filtering environment.


Even though almost everything is digital nowadays, it’s enough to mention the name “Polaroid” in a room of photography enthusiasts well in their 30s to notice how their eyes mist over with nostalgia and happy memories. About five decades ago, Polaroid was synonymous with instant photography, a hobby that few could actually afford. However, times have changed and although the company did try to remain competitive, the prestigious brand was forced to announce that they are no longer producing film for their emblematic camera in 2008. While this announcement marked the downfall of the photography era, Polaroid is not the kind of company that gives up so easily. One of their first attempts to bring back the magic of instant photos is Polematic, now also available for Android.


The interface is clean and the controls are intuitive, especially if you handled photo-filtering apps before. When you launch the app, you will automatically be redirected into a camera viewfinder. From this window you can add effects, edit and share an older picture or take a new one. Take note that when you take a new pic, your image will be placed in the classic Polaroid image border.

A quick look at its main features

  • Polamatic features 36 unique Polaroid authentic frames
  • The frames consist of vintage, used and new Polaroid pics
  • The Polaroid Classic Border allows you to crop your pictures easily
  • The apps permits photo customization via its 20 exclusive effects
  • You can control various settings of your device’s camera through the app, such as flash and grid for instance
  • The camera also includes features like gallery counter and Polaroid printer
  • You can take pics directly from the app that are later on saved in your personal Polamatic Gallery
  • The images saved in the gallery can be viewed, edited and shared at any time
  • The gallery has an impressive 2,282 x 2, 771 pixel resolution and allows full screen views without having to exit the app
  • Captions can be added to any photo in your gallery
  • You can make the notes and captions of the pics in a stylish manner by browsing through the app’s 24 fonts and other text customization options
  • After you’re done editing your pics you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr or send them via email


Without any exaggeration, you will be impressed with the excellent looks of the classic Polaroid frames. Unlike other similar apps, these frames aren’t Photoshopped and they are far more than simple illustrated recreations, but rather actual photos of the Polaroid frames. Perhaps this is why each of the frames – from Tape to Wrinkled – is finely detailed and contains just the right amount of wear and “dirt” to add that perfect level of depth to any image. In short, your pics are guaranteed to have the Polaroid’s trademark SX-70 frame.


In spite of the fact that the camera displays a neat and accurate square frame preview, users noticed that you have no options for saving the image to its original full size. If you have been playing with similar photo filtering or manipulation apps before, then you understand that this feature is mandatory here, especially since Polamatic includes so many options aimed at modifying the elements of the original picture.

In a nutshell

If you’ve always been passionate about taking pictures and you want to remember the early days of instant photography, then Polamatic will surely stir up some good memories. This version of the app – particularly after it received the update in July – is nicely stocked with incredible fonts and classic Polaroid frames, more than you’ll ever need to give your pictures a vintage look.

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