As any Apple fan knows, the next generation of iPhone was launched in September followed shortly by the unveiling of the new operating system, the highly anticipated iOS 7. Better known as Innsbruck, the new iOS integrates a wide variety of changes and, thanks to the radical implementations announced by Apple, it will be quite different from the previous generations of iOS. Change is not always a bad thing and the innovative features officially announced to be part of the iOS 7 stand proof of that.

  1. A Lock Screen with better functionality

Say goodbye to that annoying Lock Screen that was neither fully awake, nor fully functional. The new Lock Screen that will come with the iOS 7 promises excellent functionality and quick access to the Control Center and Notification Center as well as a fast Camera access.

  1. Improved gestured-based controls

In all fairness, gesture controls have always been the most problematic part of managing an iPhone, especially since if you are not careful you risk having apps colliding and conflicting with each other. The iOS 7 continues Apple’s long history of gesture controls and pledges improved system-wide functionality.

  1. An innovative Control Center

iOS 7

The much awaited Control Center finally becomes a reality with the iOS 7. Simply swipe up from any screen of your device and gain fast access to the controls and the most commonly used applications. While it may seem a little weird for Android, BlackBerry or webOS users at first, the truth is that Apple’s Control Center is actually better thought-through than the double-click associated with the rest of the mobile platforms.

  1. A superior Notification Center

Granted, the first attempt to introduce a Notification Center for iPhone 5 was a fiasco. However, Apple appears to have learnt from its mistakes, as the new Notification Center has been stripped of several useless features and it was designed to present all the alerts users are actually interested in.

  1. Multitasking available for every app

While multitasking was always a strong point for the iOS, the new feature available with Innsbruck takes things one step further. To be more precise, Apple engineers have introduced some system-wide smarts that are finally able to perform at the superior standards Steve Jobs expected when he first introduced the concept in 2007. Moreover, according to Apple representatives, the multitasking feature has been optimized to provide excellent performance, while preserving battery life at the same time.

  1. Automatic photo filters

Considering that the next generation of iPhone has received a new camera, it was only natural that Apple’s team would also redesign the Camera app. And a fine job they did, as the iOS 7 offers a smarter way to organize your photos into several categories and quite an impressive social version of the Photo Stream.

  1. Completely rehashed Safari

Because the browser is basically the heart of the iPhone, it should not come as a surprise that Safari received the most extensive redesign. To put it simply, you can finally enjoy a unified search bar along with quick access buttons to new social features, a new tab interface, an improved reading list and the option to generate, store and fill passwords.

  1. Siri gets a new look

The new Siri is not only able answer your questions faster and check more sources, but it also has a more natural, easier to understand voice. In addition, the new assistant can perform a variety of new tasks, such as returning calls, controlling the iTunes Radio or playing voicemails for instance.

  1. Dynamic interface

In spite of what the critics might say, the interface redesign of the new iOS 7 is all below the surface. As the company announced, they developed a new physics and particle engine that can support the new OS and managed to turn the elements of the interface into objects, while providing support for direct manipulation at the same time.

  1. Find my iPhone is now addressing theft

‘Find my iPhone’ proved to be quite a useful feature time and time again, whenever you misplaced your phone under the sofa or in another room of the house. Now, it has been upgraded to serve as an anti-theft feature thanks to the activation lock that blocks your device if it happens to fall in the wrong hands.

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