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From orbs and blocks to sweets and pets, there are hundreds of match-up applications available on Google Play. With so many puzzlers out there, developers who intend to release a new puzzle app into the wild need to come up with fresh ideas to attract users. While relatively simple at first, Compulsive by TMSOFT is quite the tricky puzzler that guarantees hours of addictive fun.


The developer is TMSOFT, a relatively new Arlington, Virginia company that was founded in 2008. The team is quite popular on Google Play and the Apple Store thanks to other great applications they’ve created, including the popular White Noise, Glow Burst, Card Counter or Tic Tac Toe Glow.


In all fairness, the interface is nothing more than a series of colorful squares arranged in a grid on the screen. The highlight of the graphics comes from the asymmetric shapes you can obtain by dragging squares across the board and rearranging the grid. When you make a match, you will be rewarded with a rain of confetti and that is about all the visual flare the game has to offer. It is necessary to mention that in the recent update Compulsive comes with a colorblind mode you can switch to whenever you feel the colors are too familiar for comfort or you have trouble distinguishing them.


Compulsive is as simple as a puzzle game can get: tap a colored tile and drop it anywhere on the grid in order to create a succession of at least three other squares. Once the matched-up sequence explodes in a graffiti-like animation, the above tiles slip down to take their place. Even though it lacks the power-ups you can create with other puzzle games, the truth is that you can generate a massive combo by matching up several tiles and setting off a chain reaction for more points. Games do not last more than one minute, time during which your goal is to match as many squares as possible and obtain multipliers that help you beat your previous score.

A quick look at its main features

  • Compulsive is a color match puzzle game
  • The Android version of the game has an UI optimized for an excellent display on all smartphones and tablets
  • Integrates a modern theme with exquisite bright candy-like colors
  • The app also includes patterns for color blind users as well as a dark theme for playing in poor light conditions
  • The latest version comes with major memory and performance improvements
  • It  incorporates local and Facebook leaderboards, which have been recently introduced
  • The game features quick and exciting 60 seconds games
  • Compulsive comes with an extensive game music
  • The Help menu has been updated and currently integrates Help Tips toggle
  • The sharing option has been improved (you just have to tap the name of a contact and send a message)


Granted, Compulsive uses one of the oldest concepts in the history of gaming, namely matching up four or more similar tiles to clear the board. However, this little puzzler does not include all the known restrictions and limitations proprietary to old schools puzzle games such as Tetris for instance.  Moreover, Compulsive is a relatively simple game stripped of annoying free-to-play schemes – where they force to pay up to receive certain upgrades and boost – and fortunately, without the unnecessary backstory.

In spite of the minimalistic graphics, you will be happy to learn than Compulsive is not yet another of those childish matching games full of animals, fireworks or boosts. In fact, this is a straightforward puzzler with a simple goal: score as much as you can to beat your previous score or the records set by your friends.


When compared to similar games, Compulsive is rather simplistic, as you have nothing else to do than complete the challenges in the main game mode.

In a nutshell

If you are a fan of the puzzle genre then you will be happy to learn that Compulsive is the game that allows you to challenge yourself over and over again. As many users point out, you will feel compelled to play the game repeatedly to improve your previous score and push further each time. To put it simply, Compulsive lives up to its name and the users’ expectations.

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