With Halloween just around the corner, you can’t help but notice the excitement associated with what is known as the last day of fun before winter. While the scary costumes are the main attraction of the celebration, let’s not forget about the fun pumpkin carving contests, where everyone from kids to grandparents test their sculptor skills. In the eventuality that you need some inspiration for your pumpkin carving this year, then how about you test your creativity with PumpkinFACE? Who knows, maybe this new interactive application is the muse for your next masterpiece.


The app has been designed by PumpkinFACE, a new and promising developer. The team’s aim was not only to come up with a fun Halloween app both kids and adults can enjoy; they also wanted to breathe life into two landmark characters of the celebration, namely Trick and Treat.

Initially designed as an application for kids up to 12 years old, it didn’t take long before PumpkinFACE attracted a larger crowd. As the developer points out, not only can the app be used as an educational tool, but many people started applying the stencils on everything that needed some Halloween spirit as well.


While the application itself is actually fun – once you figure out how to get started – the same cannot be said about its interface. To put it simply, the UI is rather clogged and creates confusion, especially since it doesn’t pack a quick walkthrough. In addition, even though there are dozens of creative patterns to choose from, the app could have benefited from basic customization features that permit simply tricks like resizing or saving your favorite patterns for later use.

A quick look at its main features

  • The app features 50 professionally designed templates
  • You can choose from 25 scary (Trick) or funny (Treat) patterns
  • In order to create your masterpiece, you can use an existing photo or take a pic of a pumpkin you like
  • The app scans all pictures of pumpkins and you can further resize it to ensure the overlay stencil image fits perfectly
  • You can email your pumpkin face as original photo, B&W PDF or as the final overlay image


What most users appreciated most about PumpkinFACE is the idea behind the app itself, namely that you can apply a scary or amusing stencil face to any pumpkin, regardless of its size. The app includes 50 professionally designed patterns, half of them consisting of scary templates, while the other half of happy and funny faces. You can take a picture of any pumpkin you like with your iPhone, choose the preferred stencil and PumpkinFACE will do the rest of the job. Once you’re done, you can email the pattern and masterpiece to your friends. It is important to note that the app allows you to include the photo with your overlay as well as a black & white picture in PDF format.

Because Halloween is less than a month away and the app is all about this celebration, the developer has decided to sweeten the deal. To be more precise, throughout October all users have a chance of winning the full version of the app if they provide feedback on PumpkinFACE. Still, the fun contests are not the only reasons why you should check out the app’s website, as you can also receive the 2013 Halloween Hijinks e-book series for free.


Users stated that the biggest setback of the app is figuring out how it works. Even though the developer provides a ‘how to get started’ guide on the app’s website, it still left many users in the dark. Apparently, what you have to do is take a picture of the pumpkin first and then select your favorite pattern to overlay. However, users can’t really guess that, unless of course they have too much spare time on their hand and nothing better to do than fiddle with the app.

In a nutshell

If you need assistance with creating the best Jack-O’-Lantern this year, then PumpkinFACE is one of the apps that can lend a helping hand. In spite of the fact that it’s not exactly one of the most intuitive apps out there, once you figure out how it works you’re guaranteed to have hours of fun perfecting your pumpkin carving skills.

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