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If you enjoy solving complex puzzles, then you will definitely love Miturn!, a brain teaser that challenges you to solve the puzzles crafted by mysterious tribes and build your own path Home. There is no restriction to how you want to build the path and you have several pieces and resources around to help you reach your objective. From flipping switches to jumping over traps and even blowing up walls, the game allows you to explore your creativity and challenges your problem solving ability.


The developer of Miturn! is NuJanre, a new indie company whose aim is to bring back the magic of the old school games like Mario and Xenogears. In fact, as one of the developers pointed out, from the moment they played Mario, they knew that they had to create a memorable game that could become the icon of a generation. This is why their apps are a combination of creative drawings and inspiring music, similar to the popular games of the 80s and 90s. Nevertheless, as you will see for yourself, Miturn! is no just a game with a great interface, but rather a puzzle that delivers tons of excitement.


Granted, once you launch the application you will immediately notice a lovely and delightful interface. While nice, the graphics are basic and the animations seem irregular at times. In addition, depending on your device, you could experience a few seconds delay when completing a level. Even though the short delay doesn’t fully ruin the experience, it is necessary to mention that the graphics could have used a little more work, especially since there are numerous other puzzle games out there with much better and more impressive interfaces. As far as the sound is concerned, you will be pleasantly surprised by the immersive background music.

A quick look at its main features

  • Miturn! is a unique board-puzzle game with great replayability
  • The app features over 70 levels, each one more challenging than the other
  • It incorporates 4 distinct and fascinating board worlds
  • Table screen supported
  • You can try out the game by playing the first 10 levels free of charge
  • There are several collectibles hidden in-game
  • More levels and modes will be coming soon


The well constructed gameplay is also the highlight of the app, particularly since the app demands you plan ahead several moves while navigating strategically throughout the board game. While you start off with only two moves, there are several pieces around you can use to propel yourself closer to Home or reset the initial moves. The goal of the game is to lay the correct path to Home by placing the pieces in a manner that allows you to move forward and avoid obstacles at the same time.

If you find the idea of a unique solution bothersome, then you will be happy to learn that Miturn! is the first game of its kind to allow you to be creative and solve the puzzle based on your own strategy. The direct advantage stemming from this approach is that you can figure out a way to reach Home using as few moves as possible. The fewer moves you employ, the better the rewards and the more pieces you will receive. The latter pieces could prove vital in solving the harder and more complex puzzles found in the next levels.


Many users report that Miturn! has an incredibly steep learning curve and that you will have to refer back to the instructions frequently in order to understand what you have to do next. In fact, the difficulty of some levels could lead you to believe that you came across faulty game mechanics. This kind of challenge could put off even the most passionate puzzle games fans.

In a nutshell

If you consider yourself patient and truly enjoy spending hours solving complex puzzles, then Miturn! could offer you the challenge of a lifetime. In spite of its laggy interface and difficult levels, solving puzzles is actually quite fun and very rewarding. All in all, if you enjoy brainteasers, then you will definitely love playing through the levels and will surely become an expert in no time.

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