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At first sight, the premise of Quarantine London is not very appealing for puzzle fans, especially since the plot revolves around an unknown zombie virus infestation in modern-day London. However, the truth is that the app takes puzzles to whole new level and promises to deliver the mind-bending challenge all fans of the genre appreciate. The aim of the game is to quarantine an unknown zombie virus by lighting up the checkpoints and securing the infested perimeters.


Quarantine London is the first app launched under the signature of Mefuru Studios, a team of developers who are passionate about tower defense and tile-matching games. To create this innovative and challenging puzzle game, Mehul Mandania, the head of Mefuru Studios, partnered up with two creative newly grad artists, Craig Mann and Joshua Condison.


The highlight of the app is the amazing hand drawn artwork presents in all of the 90 levels of the game and the graphic novel style intro. Although relatively simple, the interface features wonderful animations and marvelous coloring. While progressing through the game, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover various London landmarks, including the 2012 Olympic Park, the O2 arena, the Oval cricket ground and numerous football stadiums. The interface is further enhanced by a plethora of suspenseful sounds ranging from the roaring of the Apache helicopter to the terrifying zombie growls.

A quick look at its main features

  • Quarantine London features an incredible hand drawn artwork and amazing sound
  • The gameplay is inspired from various classic horror movies and promises to send shivers down your spine
  • Includes 90 levels that increase in difficulty
  • The developers offer free updates


In spite of the fact that Quarantine London may appear like a classic puzzle game with a zombie twist, users are highly fond of the eerie atmosphere and touch of realism provided by the incredible artwork design and music. The game goes beyond the classic tower defense, as the mathematical algorithm factor promises an innovative gameplay with genuinely brain-bending challenges across various levels. If you enjoy brain teasing, then you will be happy to learn that the puzzles gradually increase in difficulty and will surely offer you the challenge you seek.

As users point out, the zombie theme is a nice addition and adds to the experience. Unlike numerous other games out there that revolve around fighting hordes of zombies, in Quarantine London your goal is to make the city safe by turning on all the lights in a sequence. The levels include a map with various corridors and light checkpoints that can be linked to each other by touching the space between them. The faster you decide your strategy and the fewer moves you make, the higher the chances to receive gold medals on each level.

Furthermore, even though this is a paid application, the developers promised to offer numerous free updates outside the city of London. For all you know, the fast spreading virus of unidentified origins might easily reach other great metropolises of the world and the United Kingdom’s capital could be just the beginning. Who knows, tomorrow it could be New York, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Milan or Madrid!


Even though the idea of the game seems simple in theory, not everyone will appreciate the gradually increasing challenges of puzzle solving. In other words, while initially you can complete the level with a little bit of luck and a couple of guesses, as you progress the puzzles become trickier and appeal to your logical and abstract problem solving abilities. In addition, some levels cannot be solved unless you to plan your moves and think your steps ahead, elements that require a lot of patience.

In a nutshell

Created by a team of developers who are really into puzzle and tile-matching games, Quarantine London addresses players who are stubborn and ambitious enough to solve advanced mathematical problems. Even though it is true that the game gets repetitive after a while and may not appeal to those who are not exactly diehard fans of the genre, it does bring a nice twist to puzzle conquering fans. Therefore, if you are looking for a game that can truly challenge you, then Quarantine London is definitely the app to try out.

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