If you ever fancied the idea of broadcasting your favorite tracks across a multiple sound system, but you never had enough cash to invest in high quality speaker system, then TuneMob might have the perfect solution to your problem. TuneMob is a simple and light audio sync app that allows you to connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to up to six other devices wirelessly. The app is not only the first, but also the only app that allows you to share your music across multiple iOS devices in perfect sync.


The developer is Benjamin Nowak – the CEO of DemanGen Agency –, an ambitious professional whose dream is to see his little app as an integral part of the iOS Essential Widgets. For the time being, he just hopes to provide a useful utility that all music lovers out there can enjoy. Judging by the numerous positive reviews the application received from specialized blogs as well as the high user ratings, it is safe to say that he is on the right track.


The interface and menus are both simple and intuitive. Once you downloaded and launched the app, turn on the Bluetooth and select ‘Start’ from your primary device to queue your favorite track or an entire playlist. In case you want to connect other devices, then simply turn on Bluetooth and tap Join. When the tunes start playing, you will be redirected to another window where you can find all the standard controls of an iOS player.

A quick look at its main features

  • The app allows you to turn every iOS device into a powerful speaker
  • Because it runs automatically over Bluetooth, you do not have to waste time setting up the appropriate network for it
  • TuneMob integrates power saving features
  • It allows you schedule it to turn off automatically via activating its sleep timer
  • It allows you to listen to music across multiple speaker systems like docks and Airplay compatible receivers
  • It permits you to connect up to seven speakers – from different manufacturers – and play music in sync
  • With TuneMob you can also share your favorite tunes with up to 6 friends at once
  • The latest version of the app (1.01) released in August has managed to fix some stability issues that were affecting iOS 5 and iOS 7 beta
  • TuneMob requires iOS 5 or newer, but also works with iPod Touch and iPad


In case you find the process of connecting 7 different devices together via your iOS gadget intimidating, then you will be happy to learn that TuneMob features the simplest configuration system. To put it simply, all you have to do is enable Bluetooth on all of the devices, select “start” on the primary gadget, “join” for the rest of the widgets and you are free to queue your playlist and enjoy your favorite tunes with your friends.

In case you did not know, Bluetooth is designed to work without pairing and it allows you to connect to a network in a fast and simple manner. In fact, Bluetooth functions with any given pre-configuration as long as the devices are in the adequate proximity.


Even though the Player Control is designed to replicate capabilities of the master device, users claim that you will not get more than the standard iOS player controls. In addition, some customers have mentioned issues with the import function, meaning that the app cannot remember the tunes imported from the last session. Lastly, in the eventuality that you will use older devices, then you might experience some slight lagging of the tracks on the secondary devices. However, the good news is that the developers have promised to release more patches in the near future to address all of the aforementioned issues.

In a nutshell

In spite of the little bugs and glitches, the truth is that TuneMob offers you a great way to crank up several devices and enjoy your favorite tunes wherever you are. Considering that this is a free and early version of the app, it is safe to assume that it has a lot of potential. In fact, the application allows you to enjoy an immersive music experience without having to invest thousands of dollars on fancy devices with AirPlay capabilities, multi-speaker systems or room playback capabilities.

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