As school starts, many students are back to the same old routine revolving around classes and homework. If you want to make the best out of this new school year and increase your productivity, here’s a list of applications to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Studious
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Studious is quite a handy tool for any student who needs to keep his workweek organized in his own unique way. By entering your class and homework schedule, you will obtain an efficient streamline and an easy to read PDA. Moreover, you can use the app to write notes and keep all schedule related data structured in one place. For instance, if you introduce your test and exam dates, Studious will remind you of the upcoming events. Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it turns off the phone’s buzzer automatically when you’re in class.

  1. MyScript Calculator
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Even math whizzes need help sometimes and MyScript Calculator is the right tool for this challenge. In addition to integrating all mathematic functions standard for calculators, the app also includes miscellaneous operations, like percentages and square roots. What makes this app amazing is that it allows you to write down any arithmetic formula using your handwriting, which it automatically transforms into digital text and delivers the answers real-time.

  1. Pocket
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In the event that your school assignments imply doing a lot of research on the web, then Pocket will surely come in handy. The highlight of the app is that it allows you to save pages you want to view later, when doing your homework or working on a project. Moreover, you can sync the links in Pocket to your desktop, tablet or phone, so you’ll have access to the info even when you don’t have an internet connection.

  1. Webster’s Dictionary+Thesaurus
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A pocket dictionary is not only a mandatory tool for students, but also a handy instrument for anyone who enjoys reading. As users point out, the Webster’s dictionary is a lifesaver when they don’t understand the meaning of a word in the context. In addition, because it integrates Thesaurus, it is indispensable when you try to find synonyms so you don’t wind up repeating the same word time and again. Furthermore, if you make a habit out of reading it daily, it could even help you top your English test scores.

  1. Wake Voice Trial Alarm Clock
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If you think Wake Voice Trial is yet another alarm clock, you’re in for a real surprise. The app lets you interact with your phone using custom voice commands via which you can activate the snooze or stop the alarm from ringing altogether. In addition, you could set it to inform you about the weather, tell you the latest news or turn on the radio to your favorite channel. All in all, Wake Voice Trial is the ideal alarm clock for anyone who has trouble waking up early in the morning.

  1. Google Keep
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A truly innovative app, Google Keep’s role is to help you note down the thoughts via notes, photos and lists that you find inspiring. Essentially, you can record anything that passes through your mind and the app will transcribe them for you. Moreover, it ensures that you won’t miss out on anything thanks to quick home screen widgets. In addition to tracking, Google Keep also integrates a well-thought notes management system, meaning that you can enter your notes in different colors or you can turn them into checklists. And no, the app will not eat up all your smartphone’s storage space, as archives and data that you don’t need on a regular basis can be stored in the cloud.

  1. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder
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If you barely manage to stay awake during lengthy and boring lectures, then you would definitely benefit from a recorder app. As its name suggests, Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder transforms your smartphone into a high quality recording system and allows you to log all your class lectures. The beauty of the app resides in the fact that it can record everything you hear, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on important information for exams ever again.

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