Wouldn’t it be nice to finally get your hands on the ultimate soccer simulation game without having to pay a dime? Now you can stop the daydreaming, as EA has released FIFA 14 as a free to play application. There’s no joke, there’s no trick and no, you don’t have to sell your soul in order to play an EA game free of charge. Moreover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that the developer didn’t compromise on quality and didn’t take out anything to justify the free release.


Irrespective of whether you prefer football, soccer, basketball or hockey, there isn’t a single gamer alive who hasn’t heard of EA Sports by now.  A division of Electronic Arts, EA Sports is a leading entertainment software company focused on delivering sports-related games for consoles, desktops and, more recently, mobile platforms.


The graphics have been slightly tweaked – even though some users suggest that the FIFA 14 shares similar animations and graphics with FIFA 13 – and everything is where it’s supposed to. However, it seems that the performance is far from where it should be, as users claimed to have experienced several crashes when trying to set up online games. Hopefully and because online playing is the heart of the FIFA series, the developer will release a patch to fix this issue in the near future.

A quick look at its main features

  • A highly detailed game with exquisite graphics
  • Includes over 16,000 players and more than 600 licensed teams  from 33 football leagues
  • Compete against the world’s best teams on any of the 34 authentic stadiums
  • FIFA 14 allows you to keep up to date with your favorite team via the Football Club Match Day option
  • Real live events – injuries, suspensions and team changes – are constantly updated and reflected into the game
  • You can trade and earn players and create your very own dream team
  • Participating in tournaments will award coins, which you can use to buy new players for your team
  • Simpler controls (tap to pass, hold and drag to move players on the field or swipe to shoot for instance)
  • Includes an online multiplayer mode where you can test your skills and challenge your friends
  • If you want more, then browse through FIFA’s in-app purchases (Kick Off, Tournament or Manager)
  • Requires 1.35 GB free space on your device


As previously mentioned, the developers didn’t have to cut corners or remove content in order to make FIFA 14 free to play. If you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll immediately notice that the game is basically a simplified, stripped down version of its console cousin. Still, the controls are well thought out and via basic taps or swipes you can enjoy a similar functionality of the console joystick. Given that this is a mobile app after all, you couldn’t have any other way. Still, if you’re an experienced player and dread the idea of a jerky gameplay, you can always try out advanced techniques and complex combinations of touches and swipes.

The highlight of FIFA 14 is the dynamic environment that tries to replicate real world environments. As some users pointed out, the powerful physics engine makes the reactions of the players and the ball natural, while the characters’ motion is fluid.


If you’re familiar with EA practices, then you’ll understand why many users are shocked by the developer’s decision of launching one of the most successful brand in the genre and charging nothing for it. Surely, there must be catch! Actually there is: several important options, such as Manager, Kick Off or Tournament are all available only as in-app purchases. In short, EA merely took advantage of the famous DLC’s mobile version, the in-app purchases. Nevertheless, you can download FIFA 14 and play as much as you want without investing a single penny.

In a nutshell

Regardless of what most gamers think about EA, you have to appreciate the fact that they released an amazing game, which also happens to be the world’s number one soccer simulator. While you don’t have access to options like Tournament and Manager, rest assured you still have plenty of features to take advantage of and lead your dream team to the top.

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