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If you’re into puzzle games, then you’ll definitely get a kick out of Drawing The Path. At first sight, the concept behind the game might seem rather simplistic: draw lines to guide the ball to its designated target. However, things get a little complicated when you need to achieve this goal in just 15 seconds and there’s no predefined solution to the game. To put is simply, Drawing The Path is a puzzler especially designed to challenge the fast and creative players who thrive under pressure.


The developer of the app is OnLabGames, a designer who admits the inspiration for this game originated from the freehand drawings of Alexander Belmonte. Drawing The Path was born as a result of numerous attempts of creating the perfect 2D puzzle game. As the developer points out, they come up with the idea of the app while they were working on the drafts of another game. Because they were fascinated by the concept of Drawing The Path, they decided to pause all pending projects and pour all their energy and efforts into this unique puzzler.


The interface is beyond simple and frankly, it doesn’t even come close to the brilliant concept behind this fun puzzle game. It’s clear that the developers had functionality in mind when designing this app and tried to introduce an original interface. Interesting approach considering that apps developed recently all rely on increasingly complex graphics and this app seems to go against this trend. Nevertheless, even though the childish pen&pad and basic shapes are nice, you can’t help feeling that Drawing The Path could have benefited more from some polish.

A quick look at its main features

  • The game features 80 unique puzzles that are spread across 4 fascinating worlds
  • The app allows you to post your best scores on Facebook and Twitter
  • Drawing The Path eliminates common puzzlers’ limitations and permits you to draw as many lines as you want
  • All levels are available immediately and there’s no need to complete previous puzzles to move on to the next challenge
  • Unlike many free apps you can find on Google Play, Drawing The Path keeps the advertisment to a minimal
  • Requires Android 2.2 or newer
  • Free of charge on Google Play


If you’re a fan of puzzle games, then you’re probably accustomed with the standard game mechanics that implies finishing a level in order to move on to the next. What makes Drawing The Path stand out among other puzzlers is that you can access any of the 80 levels without having to complete the previous one. Therefore, if you run across a difficult puzzle, you don’t have to spend days on figuring it out.

You could say that the availability dims down the challenge and you won’t have anything to achieve in the way of beating the game. However, having wide accessibility to all levels also removes the frustration of getting stuck on a level. In addition, it allows you to skip the first levels, which are actually way too simple for advanced puzzle players.

Another cool noteworthy feature is that the app doesn’t force you to figure out the solution by identifying the exact number of lines that need to be drawn. Having an unlimited number of lines at your disposal doesn’t necessarily make the game easier, especially since you have limited amount of time to come up with the solution.


Even though Drawing The Path is advertised as a fun puzzle game, the truth is that many users have yet to discover the fun part of the game. Perhaps, the fun is figuring out the solutions to the relatively frustrating puzzles. Moreover, the annoying loading screens that pop up when retrying a level and the confusing drawn line colors don’t really help here.

In a nutshell

Drawing The Path is the kind of puzzler that you will either love or hate. Incorporating a unique concept and giving the fans a new perspective on puzzle games, the app addresses all those who want to test their problem solving abilities. Given the fact that it is available for free on Google Play, you have nothing to lose by giving this game a try.


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