The new iOS 7 is one of the biggest overhauls Apple’s operating system has seen so far. Everything is lighter, brighter, comes with extra translucency, more animation and amazing 3D effects; in other words, forget all you knew about iOS, as you’re in for a real treat. Without a doubt, the operating system impresses with its great design, new features and extended support.

The innovative animations and text rendering engines of the iOS 7 are maybe what inspired most developers to go back to the drawing board to reinvent their apps. While it is true that most applications got rather moderate updates, a few were completely revamped and honestly, they do feel like new. In fact, some may even go so far as to state that all that development work finally paid off. And since we’re sure you want to make the best of your iOS 7 experience, here’s a list of the apps that will help you do just that.

  1. Sky Guide
Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day

In all fairness, Sky Guide is the kind of app that can turn anyone into a passionate stargazer. Available in a brand new UI that cleverly recedes in the background, the app features all the tools you need for your newly discovered hobby. If you’re shopping around for an app that can offer you valuable information about the stars above you, then Sky Guide is up to the challenge.

  1. Simplenote 4

Considered a basic app for the iPhone by most, Simplenote was also one of the most neglected tools at the same time. That is, until it captured the attention of Automattic, who instead of buying the company, worked with the current team and managed to put together a magnificent note app. Integrating some of the best features of highly appreciated apps – Source Sans Pro and Vesper – Simplenote 4 is by far one of the nicest tools on the market.

  1. Konvert

Simply because you updated to the new iOS 7 doesn’t mean that your apps have to share the same appearance as everyone else’s. This is where Konvert comes in to help you create an ingenious customizable UI suitable for your taste and preferences. All in all, it’s an amazing app that reflects the new operating system perfectly; you will be impressed with its amazing 3D transitions.

  1. Evernote 7

While it does feature the same old green display and its main role implies storing your notes, everything else about Evernote has changed. For started, the app allows you to record even more data than before without the feeling that it’s too cluttered. In addition, introducing notes is now easier, while jumping to your recent notes and shortcuts can be done with just a tap from your home screen.

  1. Reeder 2
Reeder 2

Even though the death of the Google Reader started a steep competition for the number one RSS feed, Reeder 2 managed to occupy the first position with no difficulty. Now, it is considered one of the most centric redesigns to hit the Apple Store and, as users underline, one of the best. You have to hand it to the developers who managed to keep its unique design, while still making it look like a built-in iOS 7 widget.

  1. Screens 3
Screens - Control Your Computer Remotely

If you got the chance to check out the iOS 7, then you can agree that the new operating system is all about prioritizing content, while allowing the UI to disappear. Screens 3 doesn’t just apply this strategy to iPhone apps, but also takes things to the next level by allowing you to connect to your Mac or PC remotely. Incorporating a powerful VNC engine, Screens 3 allows you to take your computer with you anywhere you go.

  1. OmniFocus 2
OmniFocus 2 for iPhone

Similar to the iOS 7, OmniFocus has also undergone a complete revamp worthy of the new operating system. Not only does it pack an amazing interface, but the app itself has become more functional. For instance, the app uses the iOS’s background update and keeps all your data synced even when it’s not open. Even though it doesn’t have the landscape mode and TextExpander support yet, the developers have promised to release these features in the near future.

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