Infinity Blade III


In all fairness, very few iOS games have managed to take full advantage of what this operating system has to offer. The Infinity Blade trilogy didn’t just manage to push the iOS’s limits, but has also set the bar in terms of graphics and gameplay. Launched in 2010, Infinity Blade immediately drew the attention of gamers anywhere, not only through the innovative gameplay and intuitive controls, but also because it kept the background and story line fresh and exciting. Infinity Blade III wraps up all aforementioned elements and then adds a few other, as you are about to find out.


Ever since the Chair Entertainment Group was founded in 2005, they only had one goal, namely to bring blockbuster entertainment apps to mobile. Considering that the first Infinity Blade received so many ‘of the year’ awards in 2010, it’s clear that the developer is committed in reaching this objective. How committed? Let’s just say that Infinity Blade II has won 20 Editors’ Choice as well as Game of the Year awards and it is one of the most appreciated gaming platforms on Apple Store. In the light of these facts, it’s no wonder that many foresee a similar bright future for Infinity Blade III as well.


Since the previous games in the series were highly appreciated from their superb graphics and art design, you shouldn’t expect anything less from Infinity Blade III. Definitely a must have app that will show you the full capabilities of the new iOS 7.


If you’re not familiar with the game, then you might not appreciate the upgrades available, but would rather believe that defeating bosses is merely a matter of trial and error. However, as you begin understand the mechanics of the game, you’ll come to realize their overall importance. Take note that unlike previous versions, now you won’t receive the upgrades automatically, as a timing system has been introduced in the game.

As far as the controls are concerned, you’ll be happy to know that they are quite intuitive, meaning that you can attack, block or dodge with a simply swipe of the finger. Even though casting spells implies drawing certain shapes on the screen, don’t worry because you’ll get the hang of it pretty fast.

A quick look at its main features

  • Intuitive controls that allow you to perform a variety of attacks, dodges and blocks with a simple swipe
  • Global ClashMob Challenges bring three new co-op modes
  • A dynamic and captivating 3D world
  • A new hideout and new achievements
  • The game packs a few bonus features, but we’ll let you discover them on your own



In spite of the fact that the story debuts where Infinity Blade II left off, there are certain noteworthy differences and new elements, all of which make this game unique. For starters, now you have even more customization options in the character creation screen and a new playable character, Isa. Isa is a female warrior-thief who brings new skills, combat styles, weapons and abilities to the game as well as a breath of fresh air to the entire Infinity Blade experience.

Perhaps the biggest difference in this game is that all your missions will start from the hideout. The hideout is designed on a different concept than previous games, as players have a chance of meeting various allies who can help with their quests. For instance, you could find gem cutters, blacksmiths or merchants from whom you can purchase powerful items or new abilities that will make meeting the objective of the quests easier. Simply put, you have some level of control over your skills and items, instead of getting random stuff between boss fights.

Infinity Blade III also packs a new mode, the Global ClashMob Challenges that are essentially multi-layered co-op events. Therefore, by teaming up with your friends, you have the chance of defeating new enemies and get rare treasures from which you can win exclusive items.


As with most RPG games, low-level grinding is a bit of a pain, especially if you’re trying to follow the story.

In a nutshell

While you will be forced to grind for XP early in the game, let’s not forget that this is not something new for the RPG genre. Providing a fantastic ending for an amazing saga, Infinity Blade III is a game you can’t afford to miss out on this year.

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